This whole over-sharing culture we are indulging in has its perks but it also has its pitfalls, as this Indiana University student named Samuel Hendrickson can probably tell you. Last night, he uploaded a video entitled “Why I’d Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist)” to his Facebook account listing all of the stereotypical reasons why he would hate to be Asian. And this being the internet, his video got re-uploaded to YouTube and spread like wildfire, outting him as not only an idiot but a racist one at that.

I know the internet allows us to rant like human-kind has never ranted before, but shouldn’t one person’s racist mistake on YouTube be a good enough reason to keep those thoughts to yourself?

Given what happened to Alexandra Wallace at UCLA 2 years ago, Samuel Hendrickson here should just go ahead and apply for a name change now, because honestly, any person that Google’s him from this day forth is going to know that he never wants to be Asian because he hates sushi…and other things.

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