Archive: May 11, 2013

Dots is a new game for iPhone that is super-simple and highly addictive. It’s a beautiful looking game and lately I haven’t been able to stop playing it. Try it here, it’s free!

According to the video uploader: Taking part are a whopping 350 cars; counting around 60 Aventadors including the new Aventador Roadsters, a few Murcielago LP670 SVs, LP650 Roadsters, all versions of the Gallardo including the Blancpain and Super Trofeo Stradale, more LP640s, Diablos, Miuras, Countaches, and even some tuned or custom cars from Liberty Walk […]


Did you know that BMW built a carbon fiber bobsled? They are hoping to build 6 of these 2-person bobsleds to be the official bobsled of the 2014 US mens and womens Olympic teams. Sleek!

Hold on a second! Caterpillar holds demo sessions of their vehicles to show off to potential buyers? I don’t want to buy one of these, but I have to ask, HOW DO I GET INVITED TO THIS?! And as a refresher, here’s how to correctly identify construction equipment machinery and vehicles.


So I just learned that in 1980, the US Defense Department tried to outfit a C-130 cargo airplane with rockets so that it could be used in rescue missions (specifically in Iran). The purpose of the rockets were to allow the plane to take off and land in about 300-400 feet of runway instead of […]