A fascinating article in Bloomberg Businessweek recently shed light on one of the less famous aspects of North Korean culture — that is, the Mansudae Art Studio in Pyongyang.

The Mansudae Art Studio is a massive 30-acre art factory opened in 1959 that employs roughly 4000 Koreans all there to create propaganda for North Korea and several other countries (most of whom reside in Africa).

Since the 1970s, Mansudae Art Studio has had a steady list of clients that send representatives into NK to check on the progress of various projects. And in return, NK occasionally sends workers out of NK into other countries to actually build these monuments (although these NK citizens are placed under heavy guard at all times by NK soldiers).

If you’ve seen photos of North Korean monuments, then you just how insane these monuments can get which isn’t that much of a surprise that other countries are looking to this closed nation for some help. Still, it is a bit weird to hear that North Korea essentially has a viable business under their wing. Read up here.

Photo: Marcelo Druck

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