I grew up with the OJ Simpson murder trial on the news. I didn’t grow up watching Simpson as a professional football player (nor did I really follow football then or now) so to me, Simpson was always¬†the guy who made police chase him a California freeway in that iconic white Ford Bronco. It occurred to me last night that I actually had never seen the full chase, just snippets of it, so I looked it up.

The biggest shocker? OJ was never driving. All these years I thought OJ was behind the wheel of the infamous car chase but it was actually his friend Al Cowlings who later said he was forced to drive with OJ holding a gun to his head. OJ, as it turns out, held a gun to his own head in the backseat at times and threatened to kill himself (another part of the whole chase that I didn’t know).

Anyway, the two clips posted here show the majority of the notoriously slow chase. It’s crazy that people were stopping their cars on overpasses and waving to OJ as he passed them. Surreal.