Last night I had the opportunity to watch Spring Breakers for the first time. The film by Harmony Korine seemed exciting enough in the trailers and teasers so I thought I’d at least enjoy it for what it was — a giant neon-filled party/heist movie. Right? Nope. This was one of the most confusing films I’ve seen all year. It was slow, a little hard to follow at times, and just so confusing as to where the plot, if any, was going to end up. Why was Selena Gomez’s character narrating half the film when it turns out that she isn’t even an important character to the progression of film’s events (she leaves about halfway into the movie and never returns really).

And don’t get me started on the awkward movie lines repeating over and over and over again like a dream or drug-fueled hallucination. It was just so bad.

I know Harmony Korine intended for the film to be a raw look at Spring Break culture in St. Petersburg, FL, but what we end up with is a confusing mixture of cut scenes that don’t seem to relate directly to each other.

This was a complete waste of my time. Rating: 2/10 (not given a 1 only because it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen — just close to it).