I just got sent one of these Candywirez Lightning to USB charging and data cables for the latest generation of iOS devices. For what it’s worth, there’s not much to report on — it’s exactly what you would expect from a Lightning cable — but there are a few good things I really like about these Candywirez cables. First, they come long. The standard size is 5 feet in length (1.5m) and the colors offered certainly help it stand out from all the other Lightning cables in the vicinity (no more confusing mine with somebody else’s or grabbing the wrong “white cable” by accident). To top it off, the actual cable construction seems to be of much higher quality than Apple OEM.

Since Christmas is so close, why not grab a few as stocking stuffers or gifts for yourself. Why not right? Get one, or two, or 10! They come in 5 different colors!