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I wrote about this briefly on Instagram (for those that follow me), but it’s worth noting here as well I suppose. While I was vacationing in Barcelona, I came across this really rare hardcover copy of All City Writers: The Graffiti Diaspora. It basically was my most sought-after book on graffiti. I saw it in […]


So…I am really amused at this subreddit on cats. It’s called Catloaf and it’s filled with photos of cats sitting in Voltron-like mode, that is, with their paws underneath them (thus, causing them to look like a loaf of bread). See more here.


So I’m reading this Field Guide to Wikipedia from Gizmodo and found out about Wikipedia’s Book Creator feature. It’s a fantastic little feature that you turn on (at this page) which allows you to save articles to create your own book. Once you’re done collecting, you can either save a PDF of the book or order an actual […]

Dwell has a fantastic slideshow and video piece of the amazing pre-fab house on Block Island, RI designed by Dutch-American furniture designer Jens Risom. I would love to visit this place. No idea if the grounds are open to the public though — seems like it might not be. Check inside for some images.