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I wish Apple would tell us what these apps are that are being featured in their ads. I really want to try some of these out.


This is so great! It looks like Aspyr (the company in charge of SimCity 4) has re-released the classic Sim title to work on modern Macs. Previously, any attempt to play the game normally resulted in nothing but failure, and the only way to get your fix of SimCity was to play the recent release […]

Have you all played Monument Valley yet? It’s a beautiful puzzle game for iOS that involves rotating, moving, and finding hidden spots in a world that looks and acts like an M.C. Escher drawing. Part of the fun in the game is discovering the hidden secrets in each level to advance to the next stage. […]

If you’re wondering what this color customization costs so much, this video explains it all.

This was pretty funny. Usually the stand-up acts are pretty lame, but I liked this guy.