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I love Offscreen Magazine. It’s a magazine about the people who make amazing websites, web products, and other digital products that you may use.


Well, there goes a popular book in Christian circles. Alex Malarkey, a then-6-year-old boy who wrote a book about being in a coma and nearly dying, seeing heaven and hell, and coming back from it all, just wrote an open letter to a Christian website and admitted to the book being a total lie. The […]

Thinking lately about picking up Alexis Ohanian’s book Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed. Seems like a cool guy with a good story to tell.


The Oldest Living Things in the World is a neat book by Rachel Sussman (with contributing authors Carl Zimmer and Hans Ulrich Obrist) that chronicles some of the world’s oldest living things (2000 years and older). She travels the world in search of fungus, coral, trees, and other organisms and even photographs something that’s supposedly […]


This looks like a great book for some artistic inspiration. Horn Please: The Decorated Trucks of India is a book from Powerhouse with full-color images of many highly decorative trucks in India with photos by Dan Eckstein.


This is probably one of the better Apple-related books on design that I’ve seen. It’s called Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation and it’s all about the journey of Apple and its design through the years. Lots of great photos of old gadgets to bring back memories and tons of info about how certain […]