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This actually happened to me a few months back. There’s plenty of ways to get to the Hollywood sign, and in December when I was there, the way I’ve always gone up before was seemingly blocked off by a security guard who told us that the sign was closed. What I didn’t know at the […]

Whoa, I’m just putting this all together now. I haven’t seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit in a while so I haven’t had time to piece this together from actual real events, but as mentioned briefly in this 99% Invisible piece about the old Los Angeles streetcar system (the Red Car System), the premise of Roger Rabbit was about […]

Never heard about this. Do people in Los Angeles even know this happened to important transportation infrastructure in 1995? Right on Hollywood Boulevard too! Today, if you ride the Red Line, a small portion of the tunnel goes from rounded tunnel to box-shaped and then back to rounded tunnel again due to this incident.

Wow. This is an amazing historical video from April 1961 of one of the very last Red Car trips from Downtown LA to Long Beach. The historic Red Car system was owned and operated by Pacific Electric out of 6th and Main Street (this is what that corner looks like today). Why did the urban railway […]