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A lovely 18-minute video from the 1950s about traveling to luxurious Palm Springs, CA!


    Amazing archival photo of Broadway and 7th Street in Los Angeles in 1943.

The fact that this place exists is so wonderful to me. These cats, all up for adoption, are given a large piece of land to roam free and play. VisitĀ The Cat House on the KingsĀ for more information.

I am all for this. LA’s sidewalks are terrible in most places. Can’t skate them, can’t walk them, can’t ride ‘em. Get it fixed Garcetti.

Leonard Knight passed away earlier this year. He was the man who famously created the colorful mountain out near Slab City in Niland, CA. It’s a sight to behold and an incredible feature of the otherwise stark desert landscape in California. It’s one of my favorite off-the-grid places that I’ve ever been mainly because of […]