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The Cliff Notes version of what you need to know: Larger and sharper LCD screen 12MP control wheel on the lens greater shooting battery life than X20 $599.99, release on September 30, 2014 in black and silver Here’s a video of the camera (below) and if you want a hands-on first impressions review, head on […]


This looks kind of neat. But should I get one for Cody? Looks like a sure way to get super-shaky video (even with the stabilization).

I miss Hong Kong a lot. I’ve been randomly looking at ticket prices to go and all I’m waiting for really is a good time to go where I can stay for maybe 2 weeks.

This might be the best collection of action camera accessories I’ve seen from any manufacturer. I want this all! Those rubber/silicone housings for the GoPro look amazing. Check out the whole collection here.

So…this camera just isn’t that great I guess.