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I’ve seen a couple of videos of the abandoned City Hall subway station in NYC, but this one here seems to be the best of the bunch. The creator is on an official MTA tour of the station but then is given some unprecedented access into several additional layers/levels of substation beyond City Hall. Part 2 of […]

Shown in this video are the former Sedgwick Ave. and Jerome Ave. “elevated” subway stations.


I’ve posted about the Murray Hill Tunnel Station before and last night I got a chance to see it up close in person. It’s a relic of the past from when the Park Avenue Tunnel, which stretches from about 34th Street to 39th Street, was used as a trolley tunnel exclusively (from 1870 to 1935). Today, the […]

Not a very bright place. But apparently, it’s not so hard to get into from the Carroll Street subway stop (just go backwards).