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So many good things in this video. Long roads, dogs, Grady’s Cold Brew, nature, mountains, camping, and of course, Victory Press.


To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the moon landing, GE teamed up with Android Homme and JackThreads to release a special moon boot sneaker that will release on Sunday, July 20 at 4:18pm EDT, the same time that Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Only 100 pairs will be made, each selling for $196.90.

Very nice video of a hat maker Nick Fouquet of the Nick Fouquet Hat Co. making a handmade hat! Video by Dean Bradshaw. That slow-motion flame shot is spot-on!

Last month, Dov Charney was ousted as the CEO of American Apparel, the clothing company that he founded, due to allegations of misconduct. But as recently as this past Wednesday, Dov is once again working with American Apparel, but in the position of a “paid consultant“.