Category: Industrial Design

Ziba has created a concept called Signet whose goal is to make the shipment of letters and packages an overall more fluid experience from start to finish. There are a few things I love about this concept. First, the laser-engraved stamp which can be made on the fly via their little “stamp” tool. From there, I love […]

The Mary Maersk, part of a fleet of Maersk Triple-E ships, rated the largest container ships in the world.

If there was a whole channel that showed stuff like this all day, in HD, I would love it to death.

This is neat. The Midnight Scoop is a new ice cream scooper invented by Michael Chou that makes use of the power of your arm and chest through your palm to scoop ice cream longer. Traditional ice scream scoops force you to use your wrist and apparently that causes fatigue and injury if endured through […]