Holy crap man. How many different packs is Reebok going to release all at once in this shoe style?


Check this out. Nathaniel Hood staged his own engagement shoot in the middle of the suburbs and came out with what looks to be the most boring engagement photo session ever. Why is this though? There’s a lot that can be said from these images. But the biggest one is the fact that couples hardly ever shoot their engagement photos where they intend to live because suburbia is just plain boring looking. But if that’s going to be home for them in the future, why not shoot it there? No graffiti. No big, tall, trees. Just pavement, driveways, and houses lined end to end. It’s what some want, but not what they may want to show off in an engagement shoot for some reason.

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Thanks to BoingBoing for the heads up! DxO Optics Pro is now free for a limited time (until January 2015) through Digital Photographer magazine. Just go here, enter an email address, and receive your activation code. That’s it! EASY.

VSCO has just released their 6th film pack for Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Lightroom. This pack consists of film looks all from alternative processing and includes an extensive list of new camera profiles to go along with it. Make sure you look for the loyalty discount if you already own a previous VSCO Film Pack (or VSCO Keys).