Here’s a very sad report from The New York Times about an unfinished railroad project in rural Brazil that once held promises of better life for communities near it, but now stands as both an eyesore and a headache for farmers who can no longer use the land that the half-built railroad stands on.

The Bugatti appliance company (no relation to the car company) has unveiled a glass toaster that uses semiconductors inside the glass to heat up a variety of foods including shrimp and steak. Looks cool.

This is an incredibly speed run of Super Mario 64. The player completes the game with just 16 stars in the first portion of the video (about 20 min long). The rest of the video shows him beating the entire game once again by getting every single star in every level (120 stars).

The live-play gaming event was put on to raise money for cancer research and awareness.

Here’s a pretty cool video from Glenn Fowler that shows some incredible views of Sydney from the air.

Sewing machines for days! I’ve always wanted to know the differences between these different machines and I’m glad this video not only explains it all but shows it being done as well.