I’ve always wanted to know what went on in this trash facility along the West Side Highway. Now I know. :)


Mashable has a pretty sad look at the current state of Malaysia Airlines, the airline that lost two planes this year (MH370 disappeared and has yet to be found and MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine). The two downed planes have little to do with the airline mishandling its planes or operations and it seems like just pure bad luck. To the public though, ever wary of repeat incidents and/or superstitions, have left the airline largely scrambling for customers.

The Dodo posted this video of a beautiful dumbo octopus captured on camera in the sea. The octopus is so named because of its large “ears”.

This is incredible and sort of a bummer in terms of having the iPhone 6 be a bit of a surprise. This video here shows a somewhat working iPhone 6 device, put together from all of the many, many, many leaked hardware parts of late. Pretty nuts that they were able to do this.