I had no idea anxiety could be identified in genes and potentially passed on biologically in children.


I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: Jackson Robinson is my favorite playing card designer right now. He’s had a handful of successful Kickstarter projects so far (many of which I own), and his latest one certainly doesn’t disappoint. He’s taken an old US Army playing card design and updated it a bit for modern times.

There are basically 3 versions (with an additional display pack) and you can get all 4 decks for $50. A steal to be honest. Get it.

More photos inside.

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tycoon steve cohen playing cards-04

Remember Steve Cohen? He teamed up with Theory11 to produce his own custom set of playing cards called Tycoon. These cards are available beginning today for $6.95 each (red and blue). Got myself some!

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