SOOOO much good info and history here about coffee makers. Didn’t think you’d be watching a video on this today, huh! Did you know that drip coffee makers were in so many homes because people are extremely susceptible to television advertising? Thanks Joe DiMaggio!

I’ve seen this done before on video, but I’ve never actually tried it myself. Has anybody tried this?


I’ve been using this new app on my iPhone called SpeedSpot which allows me to find and share WiFi connections around me. It’s great for traveling. Anyway, so I was checking out SpeedSpot’s blog and I came across this interesting post about Starbucks switching over their stores from AT&T WiFi to Google WiFi and how that has dramatically increased their stores’ internet speeds.

If the coffee isn’t good, at least the internet connection is phenomenal.

Check out this video of a huge block of chocolate getting shaved down bit by bit. So awesome.