You know those 3-wheeled NYPD golf-cart-looking vehicles used mainly by meter maids? It turns out you can buy them on eBay for real cheap (like $2000 at times). Some people have retrofitted them to be mini food carts.

This isn’t necessarily a project I would have supported (it was fully funded anyway) but I really like that the Spressa is basically the first Aeropress accessory to give all the Aeropress coffee making items a singular home base. I’d be interested to see what the 2nd version of this thing looks like.

If you’re interested in buying one, you can get it for $72 at Seattle Coffee Gear.


Theory11 has released the 2nd version of the J.J. Abrams x Bad Robot playing cards known as the Mystery Box. This one comes in black and is available in single decks for $9.95 or a box set for $149.95.

Also, $1 from every deck sold will be donated to 826 National, an organization that helps fund creative writing curriculum in schools and workshops around the US.

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