Ziba has created a concept called Signet whose goal is to make the shipment of letters and packages an overall more fluid experience from start to finish. There are a few things I love about this concept. First, the laser-engraved stamp which can be made on the fly via their little “stamp” tool. From there, I love that the stamp carries all of the vital delivery information (recipient and day of delivery) and I especially love how everything can be altered once shipped. I don’t know how this would ever be viable as a means of actual business for shipping, but the idea would be ideal and amazing.


Today, Google is announcing a new way to securely log into your Google account with an open-standard Security Key such as the FIDO U2F Security Key from Yubico shown above. They key plugs into a USB slot on your computer and works alongside Google Chrome to let you securely log into your Google account after you’ve entered your password. It’s a slightly quicker way of logging in via 2-step authentication (whereas the previous way was to enter a 6-digit generated number from the Google Authenticator app).

Anyway, because the Security Key standard is so widely used, the devices can be as cheap as $18.