Not many bodegas I know these days have cats. What this documentarian needs to feature are Flower District Cats because those are surely abundant! [via]


This is the only way I know to keep my bike from running away from me.


I’m very, very late with this announcement, but today is Cody’s birthday! He’s 1 years old and he’s very funny. Still acts like a puppy despite his size. He likes sleeping on my bed. He’s been featured here before (remember that video of him trying to eat an electric fan?). Go and wish him a happy birthday.


This is one of the most interesting social projects I’ve seen lately. Jonathan Stark has released a picture of his Starbucks card to the public in an effort to give away cups of coffee. No limits, just use to your heart’s content. At the same time, Jonathan is also allowing random people to refill the card with whatever amount they choose. He’s also set up a Twitter account that automatically tweets the amount on the card to tell you when it’s been refilled and when it’s empty (presumably so somebody can fill it). It’s actually quite fun to watch the Twitter feed call out its amount.


If you’ve passed by the Apple 5th Avenue cube lately, you would have noticed that the entire cube has been covered because of renovations. Up until now, those renovations were pretty secret, but it looks like Apple has let the cat out of the bag and is now showing the public a simple illustration of what the new cube will look like!

Apple is simplifying the cube and instead of using 90 panes of glass, the new cube will use just 15!

Jumping rope? Jump roping? I always forget which it is (I feel like I should be able to figure this out from logic).