Designboom has these cute pallet coasters on sale for $21. Each set comes with 5 coasters and goes perfectly with that miniature forklift you have on the table. [via]

PS: Did you know “pallets” and “palettes” mean two different things? I didn’t. But now I know that pallets are for forklifts only!


Photo: Ed Sozinho

Oh wow, take a look at the beautiful Gregg’s Cycle building in Bellevue, WA. It was designed by Weinstein A|U and made so that the bicycles inside are clearly seen and emphasized while viewing the building from the street level.


Good Morning America showed off this segment they produced showing a bunch of curious engineers recreating the floating house in Disney/Pixar’s Up. They obviously couldn’t gather enough helium to float an actual house (and if they did, they would quicken the pace at which helium is running out anyway) but they did create a bare-bones house and floated it up using 300 large helium balloons.

The end result looked incredibly like the movie house — colored balloons and all! Check out the video below.

Get your ears ready to hear another Strokes song coming off of their upcoming album Angles (which comes out March 22nd). This live performance was done on SNL (3/5/11) and featured the song “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight” (it’s the last track on the album).

The simple pleasures in life are too soon forgotten. This baby is so cute! [via]


PixarPlanet has the official synopsis for the Hawaiian Vacation Toy Story short (starring Ken and Barbie) that’s supposed to play before the opening of Cars 2. Here’s a 30-second clip to get excited with!! :)