I know it’s not really related, but making a decorative candle sort of reminds me of glass blowing. You gotta be precise and you have to work fast, and in the end you get something very colorful and pretty. [via]

Check out this trailer for an upcoming documentary film called Float by Phil Kibbe. The documentary focuses on a small group of individuals who meet for a competition in which they construct and fly ultra-light model planes that weight just over 1 gram. These planes that they build use the power of one rubber band to stay afloat for up to half an hour at a time and they look absolutely elegant while doing it.

Martin Wichmann Andersen directed this fabulous first-person view of one man coming home completed wasted and making a mess all over the place. There’s a twist to this story though but you’ll have to watch the whole thing to figure out what it is. :)

NOTE: There’s a fake penis involved, so I might have to label this one NSFW.


Lisa Ling visited the Timmerman Feedlot in Colorado to get a glimpse of how cattle in the US is harvested solely for the purpose of supplying food demands in this country. The report was done for Oprah and took Lisa Ling inside Cargill, the largest producer of ground beef on earth.

The video is certainly not for all eyes (and especially not for those with a weak stomach) as you will see cattle grouped, skinned, cut, and trimmed for meat consumption.

What’s interesting is that the Cargill’s facility incorporates a sort of winding maze to calm the cattle down before slaughter. I had no idea that that would even work like that, but according to them, it certainly does make them less antsy. After watching this video though, it’s hard not to feel sorry for these animals.

Watch the video here.