I came across this randomly while trying to find large hampers and apparently you can literally stock up on your own USPS supplies from Postal Products Unlimtied. You don’t even need to work at the United States Post Office. Buy uniforms, mail carts, mail bags, sorting supplies, and if you have enough money, even facility equipment for sorting mail too!

Definitely a peculiar find but some of their sorting gear is useful and not that expensive!


Lowepro featured photographer Craig Pulsifier on their website today for his cool little video about how he uses the Lowepro DryZone 200 Camera Backpack to protect his gear from the elements of nature. Craig wore the backpack filled with gear through wading water, waterfalls, and outdoor hikes without a single piece of his equipment getting damaged. If you’re shooting in the rain, this bag will do you good!


I feel like I’m late to the game on this, but I really like how these Beckel Canvas War Bag’s look! It comes in white and olive green for just under $70 each and are made specifically to fit standard carry-on sizes on most airlines. A good look for a great price from a company that’s known for their canvas! Can’t get better than that!


So news came out today that iOS 4 has a hidden plain-text tracking file stored on every computer your iPhone has ever synced up with. Privacy folks are in an uproar (when are they not, honestly???) but I for one think this is pretty cool.

Sure, it’s a bit of an unexpected surprise, but look at what you can do with this unexpected data! You can map it out using the iPhone Tracker app! And if you’ve read this site for a while you’ll already know that I’m all for visual data — even if it means giving up my location (which isn’t a big privacy concern for me — it’s actually a safety feature in my book).

Do you have an iPhone running iOS 4? Give the iPhone Tracker app a try. It’s free.


Photos by David Yoon

David Yoon, the person behind Microlawns, has another interesting project called Narrow Streets Los Angeles in which he uses Photoshop magic to shrink super-wide streets and avenues around LA to look more like European streets. The change is obviously immediately recognizable and shocking — but also oddly soothing to look at.