This short City Guide from Louis Vuitton explains some of the reasons why and how New York City is nicknamed “The Big Apple”. There’s a bit of NYC history in this video too if you care to watch.


Designer Andrew Clifford Capener made the A-1 Scrabble board as a dedication to the classic board game while offering an exciting new way to experience the game with different typefaces.

It isn’t in production at the moment but the idea is to have the Scrabble board game manufactured in several different font packs or a variety font pack for purchasing so that people can order Scrabble in their favorite type.

If you want to be added to the list when it gets made, you can do so at Andrew’s website.


Dyson’s R&D department is hard at work developing this tool called the Dyson Groom that basically acts as a dog hair brush and vacuum in one. It sucks up hair and dead skin in one swoop attaches to just about any Dyson vacuum hose.

Here’s the Groom in action.

Writer and director Marko Slavnic made this cute short film about a couple on the verge of a breakup at a restaurant only to be saved by the most unusual of circumstances. I love this :)

Cartoon Brew has an interesting animated GIF (exported as a YouTube video above) showing how 20 years of animating The Simpsons has turned the cartoon family into a very stiffly drawn series.

The amount of movement today compared with when the series first came out has dwindled down to simple head turns and eye rolls. All of the extra animated frames have been cut almost completely.

Gotta watch these 12 minutes of the FIT BMX crew heading out to Arizona and Texas to ride. Really good! [via]