Photo from Improv Everywhere

I knew this was coming soon as it does every year around this time. Here is the 10th annual 2011 No Pants Subway Ride video from NYC. This year, according to Improv Everywhere, there were about 3500 participants this year at 6 different meeting points that spanned 10 subway lines (all converging at Union Square).

Man, New Yorkers are pasty!

Yes, cats are delicious!
And yes, cats don’t care! [via]


Photo: Dima Gavrysh

Interested in trying some of what’s considered NYC’s best coffee? Check out this gallery and list of NYC coffee shops that seem to be doing it right.

Bates shared this video from an 80′s documentary video (from TAKI 183?) that shows some of New York City’s subway cars and buildings covered in graffiti. I love watching this stuff!


No, this isn’t an Onion joke. On May 3rd, Starbucks plans to launch a new 31-ounce “Trenta” beverage cup in all of its US stores to ensure that by the time you reach your last drop of coffee, it’ll be absolutely cold and gross.

The new Trenta size will be 50 cents more than the Venti size which is currently the largest cup you can get at the coffee chain.


Emma Stone wears a peach-colored Calvin Klein dress at the 2011 Golden Globes last night. That’s all. :)

You can bet there’s a gallery of more photos at the link above.