Traveling mostly along I-90, this time-lapse video above shows what it’s like to travel across the country in 7 days, from Seattle to Maine.

A Droid script written by the video-uploader made the phone take a photo every 90 seconds while in the car. Pretty crazy and neat.


Photo: David Allee

In an effort not to make yet another boring backyard pool in Santa Monica, CA, architect Padraic Cassidy took the usual pool plans and tossed them out the window. Instead, he elevated this pool 30 inches off the ground and fit it into a relatively small plot of land that already had a 2-story house. What a gorgeous pool! I want something like this in my future home.

Thanks Heather!


Photo via AtlasObscura

Back in 2007, I posted a quick link to the G-Cans Underground Water Project in Japan.

Known officially as the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, this massive underground project has been on my list of places to visit since I first found out about it in 2007.

Is the public just allowed to walk right into this place?

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You know what’s now in Herriman, Utah? A full replica of the house in Disney/Pixar’s Up. It was created by Bangerter Homes and is fully furnished with 1950s furniture.

If you’re in the neighborhood, pay the house a visit by going to 13222 South Herriman Rose Blvd in Herriman, Utah.

DVICE posted a video from Harrison Krix of a fully working Daft Punk helmet he made all by himself.

I wish somebody or a company would make these helmets for real.


Let’s be real for a second. There’s really no other company out there that makes a better extended battery for the iPhone than Mophie. They’ve got you covered.

But let’s say you want to keep the ultra-slim profile of your iPhone intact. What now? Well, Mophie has updated their Juice Pack Reserve with a new form and it can be carried around on your keychain for those emergency situations.

You can pre-order one now for $34.95.