Faircompanies presents the 90-square foot apartment of Felice Cohen who has learned to live in tiny quarters while keeping completely satisfied with her amount of space. She stacks, stacks, stacks and organizes things where they normally wouldn’t go (bananas go in the toaster) and in the end her home doesn’t look all too bad. I wonder if I could survive in such a space.


I tried very hard to photograph the shiny parts of these Theory 11 Titanium playing cards, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t do it properly. So just take my word for it, these babies are pretty. They’re not incredibly different than regular red and blue Rider Back playing cards, but the┬ásubtleties┬áthat the metallic inks bring out are a very nice touch to those who have a keen eye for details. I recommend getting a deck or two!


I’ve worn this 13-oz Tanner Goods belt for over a month straight now and it’s slowly turning golden brown. I like it. Smells real good too.


Just the other day I was complaining about how Apple doesn’t make an extended Bluetooth keyboard. It seems so odd that they wouldn’t offer the choice and only really sell the extended keyboard as a wired option. I don’t know if there’s a technical reason, but I just know that I wish they made one.

In the meantime, I found out that OWC sells this Cropmark LMP Bluetooth keypad for less than $40 (expensive, but whatever) that acts as an accessory to the wireless Bluetooth keyboard that Apple already makes. It attaches rather seamlessly and looks more or less like its aluminum counterpart. I wonder if it feels the same while typing.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this backpack’s main purpose is for easy transport of graffiti tools. It’s got a main compartment that can securely hold 8 cans of spray paint and plenty of pockets for pens, markers, and other tools that a graffiti writer might need. And hey, it actually looks comfortable. Get one for $69.

Thanks Buck!