Cyril Helnwein must have had a reason for torching his Canon 5D Mark II. He must have had one. I mean, why? Why would you just go out and do this? [via]

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego owns the FLIP (FLoating Instrument Platform), a ship that can stand vertical when caught in rough seas. O_O

Above is an example of some of the odd and somewhat amusing videos that 0 Views is digging up. The site aims to bring attention to some of the less popular videos on YouTube. Basically, if you want a site that explores the wonders of the majority of YouTube uploads, this is your best bet. You can’t get more normal or mundane than this — and hell, it’s kinda fascinating!

Live at Design Miami: Wouter Scheublin’s Walking Table from Designer Pages on Vimeo.

The Walking Table is an invention by Wouter Scheublin that allows a person to move an entire table by themselves simply by exerting a small amount of force. The table reacts to this push and “walks” in the direction of the push with relative ease. Furniture never seemed so entertaining!

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NAU informed me today that their new Fall arrivals are now available in their online store. One of those new items is the Urbane Jacket, a highly sophisticated piece of clothing that looks great and will also keep you dry in extremely wet weather. Pick one up now for $278!

This is such awesome technology but I feel like it’s so out of reach for the average individual. The problem no longer seems to be finding technologies that can save this world,but rather getting that technology to be adopted by large masses so that we can actually do something about it in our lifetimes. If there’s one machine that seems to be doing it right, it’s this one. If you’ve got more examples, please leave them in the comments!