Friends of the Earth put out this cutesy love story told through plastic milk jugs to encourage people to tell their government that they’d like more recycling facilities. :)


I got this Beckel Canvas War Bag the other day and it’s wonderful. It’s made of super-duper rugged canvas that I have no doubt will protect whatever I put inside this bag from rain, dirt, and the rest of the outside world. The black leather accents are a nice touch and generally speaking, for just $65 you’re getting a great deal in this War Bag duffel. I have honestly never felt canvas so damn thick and rigid. I only hope it loosens up the more I lug this thing around!


Photo by Herman Yung

5/14/11. Putting the date is a little redundant I suppose. Oh well.

A dog talking is definitely entertainment. But not as entertaining as dogs eating at the dinner table!

Thank you Pat H.!

In an oddly amusing video, a few men decide to run through the center of a dust devil tornado. Nobody gets hurt. Looks like fun! I want to try!