If cats could laugh, I bet this room would be full of laughter right now. [via]


In this video from Globaia we get to see the results of various human infrastructures (roads, pipelines, cities, railways, etc.) mapped out on the globe. Gizmodo says that this is part of a new study of the Anthropocene which shows how humans are changing the landscape of the earth.


This might be the coolest thing to come out of Wacom in a while. A new product called Inkling allows you to draw with a special ballpoint pen on any surface you choose and then transfer that drawing digitally — with layers and all — to any computer for further refinement.

The pen needs the Inkling attachment at the top which also serves as a convenient carrying case and charger and USB hub for the files.

And for $199 later this year, this looks like a great gift for the traditional artist you might know!


Robert Longo’s charcoal sharks are an excellent source of inspiration for my next piece.


I’ve seen plenty of these on the road but never did I think that U-Haul would bother to collect all of these truck graphics in one place. Their Super Graphics site does just that with all of the artwork categorized and organized by state and artwork type. [via]