Theory11 has taken the classic Bicycle playing card deck and turned it into a beautiful piece of metallic art! The new playing card decks are the first ever Bicycle decks to be printed with metallic inks! Check out the video below to see how they shimmer!

The Titanium Edition decks come in Crimson Red and Steel Blue for $4.95 each! Get ‘em now!

Julia Morley built an actual ship in a bottle using LEGOs. Here’s the time-lapse video of her skillful hands maneuvering LEGO pieces with long sticks. I would never have the patience for this. [via]


Photo: Ken Maldonado for The Wall Street Journal

Look at this photo of a car which veered off the Queensboro Bridge on March 28th and crashed into the buildings and sidewalk below, killing a pedestrian in the process. Graphic. I don’t know why this reminds me of it, but I’m always scared that sometimes an air conditioner will fall out of the sky and hit me like this car did to the unlucky person walking on the sidewalk.

I have no idea why anybody would be filming such a boring scene, but this video here shows that sometimes filming the mundane can actually end up quite interesting — and scary! Watch as a loose piece of plywood suddenly breaks through the windshield of this car. I don’t think anybody was hurt, but damn, SCARY!!!! [via]