This photo was seen over at CNN and while this may be a normal practice for some hotels, it’s the first time I’m seeing it for myself. Apparently the Hilton hotel in Ocean City keeps its furniture from blowing away in hurricane-force winds by dunking it all into the pool. This is so smart!


This is so fascinating to me. A duo named┬áStan and Mardi Timm were given an exclusive tour of the highly secretive factory that produces the original fake barf known as Whoops. Like the Coca-Cola formula, nobody except a select few very close inside┬áH. Fishlove & Co. know what is in fake barf, they just know that it’s latex and colored foam (but the specific amounts of each is up for debate).

Just look at the photo of the place. It’s fake barf lined on desk after desk. Mess is everywhere and thankfully it doesn’t smell like real barf.


Tapedeck.org is a treasure trove of ancient media known as the cassette tape! A surprisingly organized collection with large photos of each tape! Check it out!

And while you’re at it, here’s a collection of cassette tape insert cards! [via]