This is an old video but it popped up again on my radar and I don’t believe I’ve ever posted it here. Check out Cody Kern’s Phantom-filmed video co-workers being punched in the face at 1000fps.

UPDATE: Ha, well this doesn’t happen often. It seems I have posted this video before but in a slightly different context. Check out this post for Robyn’s music video “Be Mine”.

Yep, he goes under that water on command and doesn’t even make a fuss! [via]

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that this short video for Space Shower TV is made by Japanese people. Kinda cute though and I could totally see a song being made from these sounds.

After being inspired by the stop-motion video for SNASK, Ching Wen Wu made his own stop-motion piece on how coffee is made. Yum…paper!

Here’s one more related one he did.