Let’s say you own 20 iPods. Or let’s say you own one but you have 19 other friends who want to copy all of your music from iTunes — ALL AT THE SAME TIME. How do you do it? You spend $2000 on one of these Bretford PowerSync Cases for iPod.

Each case can store, charge and sync 20 iPods all at the same time and the best part is that it’s compatible with every single model of iPod ever made. Nice! Going to buy one now.

History Channel’s 8-part mini-series The Kennedys was supposed to air soon but it was instead cancelled from their lineup due to the series being “not fit for the History brand“.

Anyway, the trailer for the mini-series is quite compelling and I hope it gets leaked in its entirety somewhere on the net. And seriously, is there an actor more fit to play the part of John F. Kennedy than Greg Kinnear? I don’t think so.


Disney has released the first movie poster teaser for the upcoming Spring flick Winnie The Pooh. The reintroduction of this classic cartoon is one that I’m anticipating greatly! Can’t wait!