Photo by Zack Herrera

So I’m headed to California again in about a week. In my mind I keep thinking of Los Angeles like the way Zack Herrera has photographed it in his series entitled “Stripland Nights” — a land of neon lights, heavy fog, and empty streets at night. But I know it’s not like that (at least not all the time).

There are a lot of things I’m thinking about as the dates for my trip come up and a part of me wishes that I was making this trip later in the year or at least to another destination in the next week to make up for lost travels. There’s a lot to see in the USA and I don’t want to do it by myself. To be honest, I’m just not that excited. If you’re from LA, help me out here…what’s something to do in town to get my blood flowing again?

John Lasseter has more than a Hawaiian shirt for every day of the year. His closet is organized like a filing cabinet of Hawaiian shirts so that he can quickly find the appropriate shirt for whatever he’s got on his to-do for that day.

Amazing fact: He has well over 1000 of these fashion faux pas. But hey, he’s allowed it in my opinion because he’s a friggin movie-making genius. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


How wonderful is this?! The Colour Clock converts the current time (hours, minutes, and seconds) to a hexadecimal color value! Watch as the time just gradually fades into the next color forever and ever. This would be great on a large secondary monitor.


Heh, here’s a very niche blog that posts nothing but burgers being held by [mostly] women with highly decorated fingernails. It’s called Burgers and Nails obviously.

This actually works pretty well. A new app called Seamless solves the problem of interrupted music when leaving your room by gradually lowering the volume on your Mac and raising it on your iPhone as you walk away (the volume is not distance-based, although that would be an awesome feature if it were). The app costs $1.99 and requires that the Seamless app also run on your computer simultaneously (the app is free through the Mac App Store). [via]

One thing to note if you are trying this out, is that the song being seamlessly transferred between the two devices must be present on both your Mac and your iPhone’s music library. For some, I’m sure that’ll become an issue, but I don’t mind it. It works as advertised and it’s great to not have to stop my music halfway when I’m leaving for work in the morning.