This was a pleasant video to wake up to! In Virginia, a man robbed a convenience store using a giant tree branch (or a stick) and ended up being in a showdown with the store clerk who wielded a hammer. The security footage is really great! :)

HTBAR posted this wonderful collection of home-videos from the same family that shows about 25 years of the kids coming down the stairs to celebrate Christmas.

And just FYI, the new guy that appears toward the end of the video is the husband of the sister. :P


I think waxed canvas is one of the best materials ever made. It’s tough, sturdy, and has a wonderful worn-in look after a few good uses. Artifact Bag Co. sells a premium waxed canvas lunchbag…but I can think of several other good uses for this beautiful bag other than food. If you fancy carrying your expensive lunch in an expensive (but reusable!!) lunchbag, then pick one up for $45 now!


Inspired by the bright neon colors of the 80′s, The Mondo from Keds’ Century Collection features black or navy suede uppers with wonderful neon highlights to show off. You can get a pair for $75 at Keds (limited supplies only).