This is amusing. A Russian art group called Voina have filmed themselves going up to female Russian police officers and planting a big wet one on their face. It’s all a surprise of course and the Russian police are completely caught off-guard.

And the best part? There’s video of it all happening.

One of my favorite songs of the moment unfortunately comes with a pretty boring music video. Oh well, this is why they call it a song and not a movie.


EIZO’s are standard equipment in my industry but what’s not so standard is the calibration tools used to make sure the colors are as accurate as possible. Sure, there are popular calibration tools, but it looks like EIZO’s trying to eat the competition with their new¬†CG275W monitor which comes with a built-in calibration mechanism that pops up from the display when it’s time for a scheduled tune-up. I would love it if we had these sensors built in to our EIZO’s at the studio.


How does Old Spice make Isaiah Mustafa look so good in those whimsical scene-changing commercials that have proven so popular lately? If you guess huge moving sets, you are right as you’ll see in the video above showing how the Scent Vacation spot was created.

Also, note the wardrobe of Director Tom Kuntz. Yes, that’s a Nike Rainbow Windrunner he’s wearing.

It doesn’t matter what this man goes through, he’s winning and he’s very good at it. So don’t try to tell him otherwise, because he’s going to win the argument! He’s winning. Oh, and he’s winning. Winning. [via]