Why is it that all of the super-weird things people take videos of on the road are mostly from Russia? Do they not have any road rules there? Take for example this crushed SUV driving steadily along this Russian road. WHAT?!?!

So at its core, this is a pretty ordinary commercial with a clever spin. But what may seem like a joke is actually a real thing — listen in for the NAME of this hospital. Yes, fuck your health!

Thanks Norman!


Kelli Anderson has designed this amazing paper record player built within the walls of this wedding invite. If spun at a rate of 45RPM, you will hear a song!


The Onion knows how to make even the stupidest topic seem newsworthy. CNN and FOX NEWS are the masters of this of course.

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Jeff Altman found a video that his grandfather shot of several different locations in and around San Francisco in 1958. The video is well-preserved and a must-see if you love SF like I do.


I don’t know who took this or who made this Terminator 2 lava scene cake, but wow, this is amazing.