I want this running shoe real bad. They look comfortable to walk in. And who knows, maybe I’ll run in them too.


Incase just introduced the new Pro Slider Case for the iPhone 4. It’s very similar to their regular slider case but with an enhanced rubber grip around the edges and an interior rubber lining that absorbs impacts on all sides.

The felt pads around the inside of the case are a nice touch to make sure that your iPhone 4 stays as new as possible. I want this in white/black. Get one for $39.95.


Two things: First, I just noticed that The Hundreds spell it “footware” and not “footwear”. Secondly, I am really only concerned with the pair of sneakers above — the Valenzuela Low in AMERICAN FLAG (almost). Not available on their website at the moment though.

I skipped a few because they weren’t that interesting, but for some reason I like #30. Watch it above — short and sweet.