Nice! I’ve posted a photo of the former world’s largest graffiti tag along the LA River before but never have I posted video of it. So here they are!

As you might already know, this was buffed and painted over in 2009. The LA River is pretty clean of graffiti nowadays — at least it was back in November 2010 when I was there.

These things are so amazing. Stand beneath one and you’ll see why!

Heh, clever, but not exactly accurate as the number of team members dwindles as each folder gets placed inside another. Whatever, I’m just being critical. I love this movie, so I will just love this too! [via]


While I don’t consider this quite as exciting as the list of unlisted Disney movies on YouTube (which unfortunately have all been taken down), it’s still pretty good because it’s still FREE.

YouTube has added a small “Movies” link at the top of their website with pretty cheap streaming movies for rent. If you don’t want to shell out any cash, you can check out the list of free movies here. Not a bad selection actually! :)

Been thinking about these lately. Not much of a video I suppose, but still interesting to me.


I’ve never been real keen on running shoe design. First of all, I hardly run and when I do I’m sure I look absolutely ridiculous. Secondly, I don’t run, so I don’t see a big reason to buy a shoe designed for running comfort. Walking is fine for me.

However, after watching this video Core77 posted of some of the innovative design features inside the Nike LunarGlide+3, I’m almost convinced that I need this shoe. Even if I don’t run in it, I’m sure walking would feel amazing. Also, look at all the pretty colors this sneaker comes in!