The cross-promotional items are coming along now that Cars 2 is set for release this coming summer. Here’s a State Farm commercial with State Farm “pitties” helping Mater get out of the mess he’s created.

This is what happens when the news station you work at has people sleeping behind the controls. They load the wrong tape into queue and make you look like a fool (but hey, now you’re internet famous!). [via]


Photo by @thecityofgodz

A graffiti artist going by the name KID took a paint-filled fire extinguisher and sprayed his name all over the front of the Supreme store on Lafayette Street. This is actually sort of funny in a way that I can’t seem to describe. Free publicity for the store I guess (not that they needed it).

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I’ve already mentioned that I’d love to get a pair of Nike LunarGlide+ 3′s when they come out later this Fall. So here’s a much closer look at the heel cushioning technology that pivots based on the natural movement of the ankle and heel of the human foot. Can’t wait to see if these make me want to walk everywhere instead of bike!!!


Photo: Stewart, Tabori & Chang

NPR has a wonderful short audio clip from a member of the Boiardi family that made the American canned food pasta known as Chef Boyardee famous in this country back in the early 1920′s. As nasty as some of you may think it is, I actually enjoyed cooking and eating Chef Boyardee when I was younger. It was very easy to make and served as a quick bite to eat after school when my parents weren’t necessarily around to cook me up an afternoon snack.

It turns out that Chef Boiardi is a real person and an actual chef that started the company with his brothers by selling the pasta sauce made famous in the family’s Cleveland restaurant. Fascinating history to be learned here.

This is so wonderful I cannot even come up with proper words for it. Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC confronts a man named Dominick about buying a stolen bike from a man off the street and trying to sell it through the LES bike shop known as Bikes By George. Dominick obviously is caught off guard and doesn’t really know what to do but get mad because he got caught on camera!

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