Aww man! This April Fools joke would be awesome in real life. I bet this wouldn’t be hard to pull of in the near future.

The Midnox SteadyCam Pro is a relatively affordable software-enabled Steadicam replacement for the iPhone. It’s free to test and play around with and it works quite effectively too. It definitely makes iPhone videos a lot more easy on the eyes. [via]

The Wombats’ upcoming album This Modern Glitch is coming out in full in a few weeks but if you cannot wait a minute longer to hear every single track, you can check out the preview on YouTube embedded above. The preview tracks add up to about 15 minutes of the entire album which should be good enough for now until the disc comes out. Exciting! I can’t wait!

This behind-the-scenes video from a DC Shoes commercial shows how the company literally created several locations and backdrops for its skaters all in the same place.

Now I won’t believe any skate video anymore!

Martin Reigel shot this video for HUF to formally welcome skater Brad Cromer to the HUF skate team. Very nice!