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This is pretty neat. To help promote the launch of their Levi’s Commuter Jeans (see ad here), Levi’s invited 12 bike crews and cycling enthusiasts to the Levi’s Tailor Shop to make custom denim jackets that reflect each person’s/company’s character. The designs were all either custom screen-printed, stenciled, sewn, or all of the above.

Included in the list of jacket collaborators is All Hail The Black Market, Godspeed, Zeitgeist, Prolly Is Not Probably, Fast Folks, NYC Velo, Ritte Racing, Moth Attack, Time Cycle, R.E. Load, and Affinity Cycles.


Good news (I think)!

Amazon.com is working on a new site design that does away with the clutter and makes product search a more important part of its business strategy.

A look at the former graffiti-laden LA River circa 2004. That double-decker 7th Street Bridge is a beauty. I need to go inside there next time.


I feel like the design of the iPhone 4 has brought on a lot of great cases. I don’t remember any iPhone before the iPhone 4 having so many great options. I honestly think the flat design on the front and back of the phone has something to do with this. Anyway, another great looking case that just popped up on the radar is this Vapor Comp Case from Element Case. The $99.99 case is made from machined aluminum and takes into account several important factors that some case manufacturers seem to often forget about like having an enlarged headphone jack opening for larger headphones and including some sort of gripping mechanism so the phone doesn’t fall right out of your hands.

The Vapor Comp Case seems to incorporate these things and more in a very tight and gorgeous design. Plus, it comes in 6 colors, all in that brushed aluminum look. Check out some more images below.