Just want to post Travel Channel’s Triple Rush TV show trailer. Looks exciting!


Gawker has a hilarious un-embeddable video of Stephen Colbert learning how to properly drink tea like the British. Watch it here.

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Did you know that the Winnie The Pooh movie has a Facebook page with tons of sneak peeks at the upcoming film?? July 15th cannot come soon enough!

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Elin shared the work of photographer Emma Phillips who has a wonderful series called Salt. The color palette on these images is wonderful. I have a huge fascination with mines and industrial fields like these and Emma’s work is definitely eye-candy for me.

This Creative Mornings San Francisco talk by Mike Monteiro may be one of the most important videos you ever view if you are in the creative business and/or running your own design company.

Mike Monteiro, co-founder of Mule Design Studio, and his lawyer give advice here on how to get paid by clients when they don’t want to pay you. They talk about the importance of contracts, the specific items you need in your contracts, and how to deal with stressful situations with clients without necessarily breaking the relationship.

I haven’t heard some of this stuff since graduating so it was a good refresher for me.