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Lifehacker notes that if you’re in need of a big fire very quickly and you have some chips lying around, it’s best if you just throw the chips into the already lit pit. The chips are “pure hydrocarbons dipped in fat” and both of those items burn at an alarming rate.

I caught this video over at The Consumerist of a blind man named Tommy Edison using an ATM for the first time. To the person who can see, the ATM is a no-brainer, but take away sight and any sort means of familiarity with the ATM machine and you end up making a blind person stand in front of the ATM for approximately 11 minutes. Most of this time isn’t spent listening to directions. No. Most of this time is spent figuring out where the heck the audio jack is for the headphones. It’s a shame really that ATM designers aren’t making their machines more user-friendly for the visually handicapped.

OMG. Finally this trailer is out! I watched them film this all over NYC last summer and I’ve been wondering if they would ever release it!


I’m not fond of people robbing any place, but there was just something so hilarious about that video I posted last week of the robber who attempted to hold up a 7-11 in a Gumby costume.

It turns out you can buy that Gumby Costume on Amazon for just $40.

Maybe I wear this to Norman’s wedding in a few weeks?

By the way, the two criminal masterminds have turned themselves in.


I guess once a camera gets old enough, they’ll just recycle the name and use it again. I actually owned an old S100 previously.