Copenhagen-based MAPT made this public park bench called “The Playful Bench” to entice the public to be more involved in their surroundings. The project uses a projector to project images and colors onto the bench, and using motion detection, allows the public to play with its shape and colors as they walk on by.

If you’ve ever seen those ground projections at malls and sidewalks that let you kick around playpen balls or something, this is essentially the same idea.

Alex Johnson filmed some great shots of Mike Capello, a bike mechanic living in Cleveland, riding around in the city and talking about his fascination with riding fixed.

Chipmunks seem like very spastic creatures, so it’s quite wonderful to see their quick actions slowed down to 400 fps. I can see all of his hand and arm movements now in such detail!

Thanks Clarence!


Not going to write a whole lot about this since it’s not exactly a new shoe from New Balance. All I want is the New Balance U420 in this colorway — red, white, and blue. Yum!

PaleoFuture posted this great video from 1948 about what Popular Mechanics considered to be revolutionary and new upcoming features in the cars for tomorrow. Lots of great ideas like 3-wheeled vehicles and dashboards filled with knobs and levers like the cockpit of an airplane! YAY!