Photographer Jill Greenberg has an interesting new project on view called The Glass Ceiling in which she photographs women dressed in usual underwater attire (namely, high heels) in the moments between synchronized swimming or formation.

The idea stems from an actual 2008 US Olympic Synchronized Swim Team shoot she did in which she realized that the women on the team were being “set up” in very odd ways for the shoot in order to become a bit more sexual and stylized. It didn’t make much sense at the time and it certainly doesn’t make much sense now in these photos here. But they’re pretty!

Safety in numbers I suppose? This video, reportedly shot in the late 1980′s, shows a large group of youngsters invading the London Underground in order to get away with mass tagging of public transport property. I wonder if this would fly as easily today in NYC.

Hahaha, this report from RT verifies once and for all that penguins do not fall over and die when they tip their heads up to watch planes flying overhead. As for how this even became widely accepted as truth…well, that’s just another story I’d love to hear. [via]

Photo: Cindy Sherman, 1981

PopPhoto is reporting that a New York art dealer named Philippe Segalot has bought Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled #96″ (shown above) for a record-setting $3.89 million — the most money a photograph has ever been sold according to auction house Christie’s.

You tell me, is it worth the money?


I get hooked easily, and Kreayshawn’s latest “Gucci Gucci” song definitely had me at the chorus. So what else but to do some research on the artist, to which I found out that there’s a mixtape under their name with DJ Woogie! Say what! I’m listening now!!!

Get the mixtape here.

UPDATE: Ok, the mixtape is terrible. But there it is if you want to give it a try.