Photo by Joyce Lim

Holy cow! You have to see what Joyce did with this Hundreds Adam Bomb sticker and her laptop! Precision cutting right here! Awesome!

Photo by Joyce Lim

Blitz Motorcycles presents a short film featuring the beautiful, retro BMW R60/2 (1963). Gotta watch this one for the stills, so good!

Lars Seibert is the current owner of a 104-year-old family bread business in Berlin. His fresh baked bread shop is the oldest bread factory in Berlin and is still in operation, making up to 300 loaves of bread daily. I can almost smell that freshness over the internet. I’m sorta drooling. I want to go to there.

Designer Michael Wolff is featured in this short Intel Visual Life documentary about how he views the world and lives in it as a person obsessed with everything that is visual. I love the different colors of everything that he has — umbrellas, mugs, pencils, etc. His home must be fun to live in.


This is pretty cool. Incase just announced their Andy Warhol collection complete with iPad, iPhone, and laptop cases. This 15″ MacBook Pro one is nice. I wouldn’t use it, but if you’re in the market for a not-so-common laptop case, this is a good choice.

StreetFilms has a fantastic look at the Bus Rapid Transit system in Guangzhou, China which won the International Sustainable Transit award this year for its wonderful implementation and effectiveness in transporting 800,000 passengers a day to and from their various destinations. The BRT system in Guangzhou incorporates buses, bicycles, pedestrian paths, and smart transfer points to reduce what used to be an hour or more commute down to about 10-20 minutes. Awesome!