I already posted about this video previously, but now there’s an embeddable video to go along with it.

This is definitely one of my favorite MUTEMATH songs.

Chef extraordinaire Martin Yan shows us here why it’s very important to relax a chicken before you begin cutting. It apparently makes the chopping job a lot easier (and also a lot more funny).

Wandering Hat Productions released this cute short video of two photographers having a chance encounter in NYC. When the holidays are long gone, I’ll be happy watching this over and over to get that NYC-Christmas feel back in my bones.

Pogo is on a mission to remix the world and in this first video he gives a glimpse of how he’s out to do just that! You can support his world remixing project by donating toward his next destination (Tibet) and waiting patiently as he returns with an eccentric new soundtrack for us to listen to. Can’t wait!