I’m a huge fan of KAWS (not so much Hennessy), but I love the way his project with Hennessy has turned out. He’s transformed their otherwise boring label to something more colorful and certainly more sought-after. I’m wondering if anybody who purchases this bottle will even open it. I’m sure it’s value as a limited edition KAWS piece will make it skyrocket in value.

Thanks Highsnobiety for the videos and pics!


So there’s a place in Akihabara, Japan called the Clone Factory that will scan your face in a hi-tech room and fashion it onto toys, dolls, and other collectibles.

The effect is certainly creepy a bit, knowing that your face has been turned into a figure somebody can hold and mold with their hands.

Anyway, Culture Japan has photos of one of their writers’ adventures in making a custom clone doll. I gotta say, it’s weird, but I wouldn’t mind doing one if I get to Akihabara!



I’ve been looking at carry-on luggage packs. I think I’ve found the winner in this Disney Tinkerbell 18″ Rollaboard Luggage.

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Photographer Ari Seth Cohen has taken his Advanced Style blog and turned it into a delightful documentary piece about older women with great style. The film is produced alongside Nowness and is spectacular to say the least.

Just like one of the ladies in the documentary says, Who wants to go around dressed like a dreary old lady?

I don’t order pizzas by the pie enough to know enough about different pizza box designs but I have something of a soft spot for this guy and his collection of pizza boxes. Everybody’s got to have a hobby, and his just so happens to be collecting pizza boxes. The amazing thing is how much knowledge he has accumulated about various pizza boxes just by collecting them.

Anyway, watch as he explores the pizza box used at an Eataly pizzeria and how it truly is fully recyclable even after a pizza has been placed in it. The oil residue can be wiped clean and the interior reused over and over. Plus, the box not only has enough holes to let out steam but it’s also lined with heat-trapping silver lining. Wonderful! I want to meet this guy and tell him thank you for this video!

Find out more about Scott at his website!

I keep in touch with my friends partially through their videos. Love it, please continue!

By the way, this is just a test video using the Hague MMC camera Stabilizer.