Photo: National Geographic

Connie tipped me off to this beautiful suspension bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia that spans the entire width of the Capilano River. It was built in 1889 (and it looks like it’s been kept in good condition ever since) and stretches 450 feet across and 230 feet above the river below.

I want to walk this in person and do their tree-top tours!


Google just launched two brand new themes in your Gmail Theme settings called Preview and Preview (Dense). If you want your Gmail to match the new look of Google Maps, Calendar, and Google+, then you’ll want to activate this theme now.



When I was in elementary school, teachers used to hand out these crappy TI-108 calculators to us during standardized testing. They were terrible. The buttons would always get stuck and generally speaking they just felt cheap. I always tried to avoid using these guys whenever possible, but now that it’s been years since I’ve seen one, I almost want to hold one in my hand again.

If I was a teacher, maybe I’d purchase 10 of these in a kit for $50.

Who remembers using these?

Not a real state trooper obviously. Still cool though. I still want to go to a monster truck rally someday.

This is kinda neat. I’ve never seen the rear-facing view of a car getting pulled over by a cop before. Look at how long this cop tails this driver for.

TDW posted this crazy video of a man doing a lap around the entire island of Manhattan in just 26 minutes and 3 seconds.

As a driver in NYC, sometimes I can barely get across town in 20 minutes so knowing that somebody went all the way around in 26 minutes while not killing anybody seems absolutely amazing to me.

But please, don’t try to best this time. It’s not worth the trouble nor the pain if something goes wrong.