Looks like fun. Need to go here to learn about my ethnic background. Haha, just kidding. I ain’t Vietnamese! Kekekekekekeke.


This is pretty neat! Billy Brown’s pixel camera artwork┬áhas been turned into stickers by PetaPixel. For just $5, you get 273 stickers on 3 sheets (91 stickers on each sheet) each small enough to not be too distracting but also just big enough to catch the wandering eye.

There’s everything from Polaroids to twin-lens reflex cameras to modern DSLR’s on these sheets! Pick up a set now.


Photo: Jim Bourg/Reuters

How does anybody wear such a heavy suit in the middle of the desert? One look at this and I knew it was taken at Burning Man: Rites of Passage. Those folks are nuts. That’s a bear right? Chipmunk? Not sure what it is exactly…