SBS Dateline published this report on China’s alarming real estate bubble that has created mega-malls and developments that are essentially ghost towns. The problem lies partially in China’s target GDP growth which dictates a certain amount of growth per year. The easiest way to meet the GDP target? To build, build, build!

Thanks Clarence!

Mobile carrier 3 has an interesting video about their Live Shop, a Flash-based online store that uses streaming video and touchscreen technology to help customers choose their products and services.

The online shop captures a salesperson on the other end interacting with a Minority Report-like touchscreen interface, allowing them to drag phones and other information and services on the screen in real-time in front of the customer.

First of all, how does this happen? Doesn’t somebody have to be pressing on the gas or some sort of lever for this thing to actually go anywhere? And also, if it weren’t for that light pole, how in the hell would this have ever stopped? Blow out the tires? Tip it over with a wrecking ball (I wish they had done this)? [via]


Yatzer has an amazing story about a former abandoned place known as The Cement Factory which was bought and renovated by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.

Bofill kept a lot of the structural elements in the cement factory and built his home and office around huge silos, super-tall ceilings, and open cement walls. Renovations on the building took about 2 years to complete and in the end Bofill had himself a gorgeous studio workspace unlike any other place I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see some photos of this place at night. [via]

NPR produced this short video about the 1962 event in which the U.S. government exploded a hydrogen bomb 1000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb in outer space. The explosion resulted in a spectacular light show above the Pacific.


This is one of my favorite Google doodles so far. It celebrates the historic space flight of Yuri Gagarin who became the first person in the world to ever go into space.

I posted a related story of Yuri and one of his best friends, Vladimir Komarov, previously and how the Russian government literally sent Vladimir into space knowing that he would never return. Read up if you haven’t yet!