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If you’re looking for a spot in NYC to try out the cool Square payment system, head on over to The Coffee Foundry. They’ve got it set up on an iPad. It makes paying almost feel like you’re playing a game (a game where you lose money).

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

Siavosh Zabeti and Alexander Kalchev created this Facebook book for Bouygues Telecom to help them launch their new Facebook app.

It’s a wonderful concept and one that I’d love to see implemented in real life. I wouldn’t mind getting a Facebook book.

UPDATE: Ok, awesome! It turns out that Facebook app called EgoBook basically turns your Facebook profile into a book for you automatically. Prices start at $22.45 and up!

BoingBoing posted this weird contraption and I sort of want one to play with. I know, I know…this is stupid. But I want one.


Illustration by Bruce McCall

NYC without cars? That might be a dream come true for some and a nightmare for others. In Bruce McCall’s dream of NYC, he sketches an example of what the city could be if it did away with all car lanes and replaced them with dedicated bicycle, pedestrian, skateboard, stroller, and runner/jogger lanes. It’s weird, but hey, it could work!

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Joshua Longbrake posted an exceptionally well-written bit on his adopted dog Jackson Pollock. He describes the joys and pains and frustration with owning a dog and weaves the writing into a great argument for owning one in the end.

An excerpt from this touching post:

But what fills me with awe is that Jack loves me. We’ve lived together for 6 months and he is always excited to see me when I come home. He doesn’t say, “Where have you been? Why have you left me outside by myself for 7 hours?” Rather, his tail starts wagging and he licks me and jumps on me and runs circles around me. “You’re home! You’re really home!” I am humbled by the love of my dog. He is terrible and wonderful and a gift. He makes me laugh and cry. He listens to me every day and never complains. I take him on walks and tell him about my day, how I’m feeling, what movie I saw the night before and my complaints about how much Sour Patch Kids cost ok here’s $4.50 but they’re so good I can’t help myself. He listens and responds in his own way, tail wagging, simply excited that life is happening.

Seriously, if there’s ever a dog to own, it’s a lab like this.