Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. But I guess if you’ve already gone ahead and done it, why not put it to good use, right? See the video above of a lowriding pickup truck crushing a beer can.

Everything Is Terrible dug up this awkward TV gem of a hip, yellow dinosaur that beats up perverts and pedophiles. Why isn’t this show on TV anymore?! Please bring this back!

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Photo: Michael Appleton for The New York Times

Great photo! Click below to see it slightly bigger.


A small group of artists and kids are participating in the Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project (or PTERP for short). It’s an effort to make the lives of people who have received a parking ticket in NYC a little better by inserting an illustration into the dreaded orange envelope that holds the parking ticket.

Cute idea.

When I first posted Jenna Rose’s terrible music video for “My Jeans”, one of the lines that really stood out to me was “Ha ha ha ha, jack my swag”. It just seemed so out of place and so random as lyrics for a song coming from this young girl. Well, I’m glad at least one other person thought this was funny enough to put on repeat for 10 minutes straight. [via]

This may be the new Rick Roll.