Don’t be fooled by the still image preview in the video above. Watch and enjoy this funny video of an execution taking an unexpected turn. Well, it’s amusing until the execution takes place at least. There, I warned you.

If you can’t take it, you can watch the Muppets sing the same song here.

Eliot Rausch directed this hauntingly beautiful video set to the voiceover of somebody reading the Sermon On The Mount.

Hunter Hampton Richards was the DP and Matt B. Taylor was the 2nd camera operator. Seriously, awesome work!

I wonder if I’d be able to bomb those hills in San Fran. Emi Brown kills it out there.

Gizmodo posted this interesting video on how images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope are manipulated and constructed in such a way so that the human eye can interpret the data that the camera is seeing in space. Lots of compositing and “color correcting” — which basically means that each of the many layers of images that Hubble captures of the same scene are assigned a color and blended to mimic what the human eye would see.


Oh yeah! Check out this interactive 3D Solar System with pretty great images of each planet, its moon(s), and other various space bodies. FUN FUN FUN FUN.


Ok, I had no idea these were so big. And to think that these aren’t even the biggest ones…