I wasn’t familiar with Oakley’s history before watching this video so it came as a big surprise to me that the company which I know mainly for their sunglasses and goggles actually started by making BMX grips. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know Oakley made BMX grips. I mean, I know Oakley founder Jim Jannard has a hand in some other things like RED Digital Cameras, but man…BMX grips? Where have I been (and how did I miss this)?


Photo by Herman Yung

Back burner (definition): a position of relatively little importance.
I love this photo. Makes me happy.


This coming May, Assouline is publishing a book simply called Coca-Cola that chronicles 125 years of the Coca-Cola brand invading cultures worldwide through movies, photographs, paintings, artworks, collaborations, sports, and of course food pairings. From what it sounds like, this 220-page book really does seem to be the all-inclusive guide to a company that is nearly as ubiquitous as water! [via]

You can pre-order a copy at the Assouline website for $65.

Five month old Cody here is discovering the wonders of a spinning fan (with fabric blades — so don’t worry, it’s not hurting him).


Beautiful car. Here’s what you need to know: It’s top speed is 208mph, it seats 4, it has 2 doors, and it has Ferrari’s part-time all-wheel drive system which means you can drive this thing where most racecars only dare to go. As you can see in the teaser video above, this car can handle rain, snow, and hills easily.

An hour loop of this: “Sausage pork beef cheese whole milk butter margarine nuts”. Seriously.

Internet, you are always entertaining!