Photo: The Streets Are Calling

Lovely, but defintely not stylish. Or maybe it’s stylish, but not lovely?

Taiwanese musical genius Shara Lin plays 3 instruments at once in this single-person concert. Obviously this would be more impressive if she were playing that beat in the background at the same time. I kid I kid! This is already mind-blowingly hard to do.

Darren, your new blog is a gold mine. This video of random dc Talk highlights is so fantastic. If you don’t know, dc Talk was a hugely popular Christian rap/rock fusion group in the 90′s that broke occasionally into mainstream music arenas. I grew up listening to their music and there’s no doubt in my mind that some of my musical preferences stemmed from this early exposure to rap and rock. Sure, it’s cheesy to watch now, but when is looking back into the past not going to give you that feeling, right?