For all of you who are stuck in an office, here’s your Lady Gaga-inspired anthem.

Thanks Maxine!

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INTERNET: I’m asking you all to help me out here. I’ve been seeing this photo online lately and nobody seems to have the photo credit or artist credit pertaining to this giant plush/stuffed cat couch seen above. It looks absolutely wonderful and I’d like to get in touch with the person who made it. Any information would be helpful. THANKS!

Want to see what the Dorals Playground velodrome looked like before it was fixed up a bit by The Mower Gang? Then watch the video above showing somebody with a mountain bike riding the treacherous concrete terrain.

If you want to make your own video, here’s where the track is:

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It’s not incredibly complicated or anything, but it’s not every day that you hear about a design job being completed in Microsoft Word. Well, here’s one such project by Foreign Policy Design Group for a Shanghai restaurant named Table No.1. Pretty neat.

Freep has a great article about a group of guys called the Mower Gang who took it upon themselves to rehabilitate one of Detroit’s abandoned velodromes. The Mower Gang had weed whackers and lawn mowers in full force to take down the overgrowth that had appeared there over the years and in the end they were able to ride the velodrome without much problems. Unfortunately, you can’t do races on it because of its dilapidated state, but at least you can ride a bike on it leisurely.

Me my Shark and I from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

Using a GoPro HD Hero, Chuck Patterson filmed a playful great white shark circling his surfboard out in the ocean. I know sharks don’t normally attack humans if you don’t bother them, but damn, if this was me, the water around me would definitely be brown…