Caroline Saridewi, a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, took the familiar logo and colors from Perrier sparkling water and used it to do a mockup of what the brand’s skin care line might look like (if the brand branched off into skin care products). If these were real, I’d buy ‘em!


Marc Jacobs and Native have come together to offer a limited edition Jimmmy boot for just $98.

The ad for them is a bit weird. Watch it below.


Go to Phil Coffman’s website and resize the window. Make it big, make it small, real small, and then watch as the content automatically optimizes itself for your browser window size (keep an eye on the way the image becomes bigger once your screen gets to a small enough size). Pretty neat!

Thanks Chris!


pats0n 2.0 photographed this amazing sight back in 2007 of a school of hammerhead sharks at the moment when the school abruptly changed direction catching some of the sharks off guard (hence the scattered state in the water).

Man, the Phantom HD Gold is a wonderful camera. Stick through it until the end to see why this video is called “Epic Fail (NL)”. [via]