Joyce and I went up to the Top of the Rock on March 19th. It was nice. I want to go again.

David Attenborough narrates this segment from BBC’s Nature’s Great Events series about narwhals and their migratory patterns for food. I’ve seen plenty of photos of these guys, but not much video so this is pretty exciting.


I don’t work on cars at all or hang out with anybody who does, but even so the Dexter Work Sled from Stephan Angoulvant seems like a cut above the rest (and if I’m wrong you can tell me in the comments). With magnetic tool holders on each side, a contoured wooden surface, built-in lights, and large wheels to go over bumps and stones on the pavement, the Dexter Work Sled not only is functional but looks great too. [via]

There are no plans for mass production, but if you’re crafty, maybe you can take some ideas from Stephan’s notes on building the Dexter Work Sled.

I just caught wind of this film by Shan Nicholson called Downtown Calling about the rise of hip-hop, club, and street art culture in the 1970′s and 1980′s. At the time, NYC was in economic turmoil but amidst all that strife, NYC became the foundation and home for much of what we consider popular culture today. Looks very interesting, can’t wait to see this!