5-Second Films’ amusing commentary on the somewhat ridiculous law of alcoholic beverages being concealed in paper bags. Everybody knows what’s in it if you’re carrying one so why bother?

I’m posting this because I really miss my old Saucony Jazz sneakers. Those were some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned and it’s been years since I’ve bought a pair. I should put some on again, maybe I’ll feel like running.


A fascinating project and experiment is happening over at Lost Type Co-Op. The website has just launched their grand opening with pay-what-you-want font downloads.

The site is explicit in its intention to be a hub where designers can submit typefaces their typefaces and make 100% of the profits from them. And yes, if you type in $0 you can download the fonts for free. But that’s not really what this site is for — and it’s awfully nice of the creators to allow such a thing.


Photo by Tina Lin

My friend Tina just posted this to Lockerz (which was previously Plixi…which explains why Lockerz is all over the place now).

Can’t find a damn thing about this shirt design anywhere on the web. Readers, care to help me out?

Walmart is the new club. Southern rap is always so…interesting.


It looks like the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board didn’t stop at promoting their cheeses with The Cheese and Burger Society website. They also have a dedicated Grilled Cheese Academy webpage to show off all of the different grilled cheese combinations possible with all of that Wisconsin cheese!

Seriously, this is so delicious looking. I want a grilled cheese sandwich right now.