Laughing Squid posted a link to this anatomical sleeping bag which sells for just over $70 USD! Cheap! Guts, muscles, ligaments, and all. Show your tentmate what you’re made of.

OMG. Felicia, a 17-year-old is living my dream! I want a cat that big!! I know it’s probably dangerous, but look how fun this looks! [via]

This short film from Robin Gunningham takes a deeper look into the origin and formation of Banksy as an internationally renown artist. Think of it as a 2nd-half to Exit Through The Gift Shop.

UPDATE: Video fixed.

UPDATE 2: Movie can be watched here.

Why these fish don’t swim away to another place is beyond me. Seems like they want to be eaten.


This video is worth watching just for the scene above. Seriously, the slow-motion sand-spinning is awesome. [via]