My goodness, I don’t even surf and watching this video makes me want to have a surfboard from Wefi Surfboards.

Beautiful cars, awesome sport. Love those orange rims on that BMW.


This photo is from the installation called Natural Systems Domination by Tres Birds Workshop. I can’t seem to find a date for this installation (and I’m not sure if it’s still there) but it was installed somewhere in Downtown Denver, CO.

Filmmaker Zaheed Mawani has uploaded an excerpt from his documentary called Three Walls about the office cubicle. The cubicle system which was designed by Bob Propst was never intended to be a “box” that fit 3-4 workers into a single space. According to some, Propst highly discouraged the use of the cubicle in the workplace and considered his invention one of the worst he’s ever put out. Damn.

Above is an excerpt from the film.

Before Aziz Ansari got incredibly famous, he had to lug around a boombox blasting the worst songs of the time. I wonder if he’s still friends with his roommates.