The Onion’s A.V. Club teams up with Fiat (cool car by the way) to visit the location of the house seen in the 2001 Wes Anderson film The Royal Tenenbaums. I always thought this house was a movie set but apparently it really does exist in Harlem on 144th Street and Convent Ave (see map below).

I wonder if the inside still looks like it does in the movie or if somebody has since moved in and changed it all up!

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Photo by anosmicovni on Flickr

I would have had a field day if I were in LA this past weekend for Carmageddon.

The demo video above doesn’t show iUsers being completely bug-free, but the idea that the iPad could potentially hold multiple user accounts is exciting. I’m not necesarrily going to install this right now, but who knows, I might for when guests are over.


I got a couple of pairs of sunglasses recently from a company called Cassettes. The company is based out in Idaho and takes iconic sunglass silhouettes and spins them with brighter colors all at an affordable price. I especially like the O.G. and the Yo! sunglasses.

The Yo! is made with real bamboo and the O.G. I got (shown above and below) is just a nice subtle alternative to the wayfarers I already own — plus I really like the brown gradient lenses.

Summer is here now so if you’re looking to get some sunglasses why not check out the collection at Cassettes?


Kim and I saw this the other day in Madewell and I got it for a great bargain (with View Master photo disks too)! LOOK!!