A man named Johan Huibers is building a “life-size” replica of Noah’s Ark to be a tourist attraction and religious amusement park. The ark is outfitted with plastic replicas of large animals and the entire ark is actually sea-worthy.

But to hear that the size of this thing is only 4 stories tall and about the length of a football field, well, let’s just say that the term “life-size” is a bit of a stretch. I mean, c’mon now, we build cruise ships that make this thing look like a paddle boat now.

Say what?! It’s one thing to have an orange Nissan GT-R, but to have one that’s matte orange?! Holy cow, this is beautiful!


Whew! That post title was long! I wish this Ben & Jerry’s “All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have” was real. It may sound nasty, but how can anything branded Ron Swanson ever be nasty? It’s just not possible.

Who created this fake Ben & Jerry’s fan art treat? None other than “internet power couple” Michelle Losh and Jonny etc.

And if you aren’t familiar with the phrase that this ice cream is named after, please catch up with popular culture and watch the clip below.


Chris Martin of TOY did these intricate blue-ink drawings for Shanghai’s Johnnie Walker brand experience space. The bottles are supposed to look similar to traditional Chinese porcelain plates and utensils.

The CR Blog has some close-ups if you want to see! Aren’t they lovely?

Digitized Information, Inc. follows-up their automated chicken deboning video with this new one above of the machine being fed a bunch of chickens similar to how the machine would be used in a real-world setting.

Technology is crazy sometimes!!!

ISO50 posts this really great looking video by Stephane Coedel that shows Kevin Dart’s illustrations for Elizabeth Ito’s new Yuki 7 book entitled Looks That Kill in fabulous animated form. Such a fun video to watch!