Surely a sad sight to behold, here is video of Land’s End, the name of the home on Long Island’s “Gold Coast” that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic American novel The Great Gatsby being torn down and demolished. The 13-acre property has been on the market for 7 years with no buyers so the land owners decided to demolish it for 5 luxury properties instead. So long American history!

HAHAHAHA, the funniest thing in this Onion news report on why unemployed people need to buy a new Apple MacBook is the fact that nobody respects the person with the most logical view — the woman. Again, at its core, this speaks truth about how these talking-heads programs play out on actual TV. Kinda sad, but definitely funny coming from The Onion.

If the video above gets taken down, you can watch the video below.

In The Know: Should The Nation’s Unemployed Be Buying New Apple Computers?


Photo from Flickr user palegemini

How can I give up a chance to post about cats? Especially when the link refers to a Flickr group filled with photos of cats in bodegas? CLICK CLICK CLICK! [via]

Here’s one more good one:

Photo by Meg Wachter

The Wombats’ next album This Modern Glitch is just a few days away from being released! In the meantime, check out their latest music video for the song “Techno Fan”. This album is going to be so good!!!


Photo by David Yoon

Microlawns is a very niche blog about super-tiny patches of green found mostly in urban cities wedged between sidewalk concrete and gravel. You’ve undoubtedly seen one in your daily walks and now you have something to call them by.

Over at YouTube, Michael Rogge has uploaded his personal collection of videos of Hong Kong, most of them taken during his stay on the island in the 1950′s. The videos are sometimes narrated and offer a glimpse of the now-major-metropolitan city before it went through its growth spurt.

Definitely a treasure trove of archival footage that I hope never gets taken down! Check it out here (or in the playlist video above).