These guys here are ballsy. They go into an unfinished train tunnel in Paris and go deep underground Paris’ main streets in the sewers. You don’t get views like this very often so definitely check this video out!

Crack The Surface is an upcoming series of videos showing various people doing ninja turtle things — climbing into drains, sewers, tunnels, etc. Should be interesting!

Have you ever seen determination like that in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant Alan Carver?! Holy crap, this man knows almost every single answer past the 25,000 question and isn’t afraid to tell it!

These two videos embedded here are old episodes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and TDW somehow picked it up and I saw it over there for the first time. He doesn’t even let Meredith Vieira finish saying the 4 possible choice answers before he gives his final answer. It’s quite amazing actually. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it, but I say he should get another chance!

This may be the best wedding video I’ve ever seen. Hahaha!
Props to Loyd Calomay Films for putting this one together for Kaycee & Don Laroza.

This latest Put This On episode is all about getting the right fit for your body shape whether you’re tall, short, skinny or fat. Watch now!

Asylum Artists gets invited into the hand-made guitar studio of Joe Yanuziello and sees how Joe hones his craft and literally makes just about every piece of the guitar by hand.

Extra bonus: guitar jam session! :)