YouTube just published 4 videos on their blog that won this year’s YouTube/ESPN Your Highlight contest. The videos were all in for the running to be featured on ESPN and the winner this year is a video of Jay, a one-armed swimmer from Tennessee.

The 2nd place video is below. It’s a buzzer-shot from full court.

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Twin Palms Publishers sent over this wonderful book of photos by Americna photographer William Eggleston called For Now and I’ve been enjoying it very much. To start off, Eggleston has always been one of my favorite photographers for his ability to extract the weirdness out of the everyday object/scene/place and this new and never-before-seen collection of photos is a great addition to his already extensive line of public works.

The selects in this book are the culmination of film-maker Michael Almereyda’s year-long exploration through the William Eggleston archives — photographs that he took more for personal reasons or ones that just never made the cut previously by other editors (including himself) — and it really allows the viewer to get inside the head of one of the most important contemporary photographers of the day.

For Now is available now for just over $40. Pick one up and see for yourself (or have a look at some pages below first).

Remember that Krylon Snap & Spray spray paint handle I posted about earlier? Well, here’s a much better alternative from Safeway International called the Can-Gun1. The Can-Gun1 snaps onto the outer ring of the top of the spray paint can and just looks all around sturdier than the Krylon version. It is less than $7 on Amazon (with free Amazon Prime shipping) and would make a lot of mechanics and graffiti artists happy. Get one now.

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More girls on bikes please! This wonderful photo was taken by ANGELO CALILAP of Cycleangelo!

A new 6-part IFC original series called Portlandia is set to premiere January 21st at 10:30PM that makes fun of everything the rest of the world thinks about Portland, Oregon.

Frankly, I love that city and I’d go back in a split-second. But still, I can find humor in this show. :)

I wonder if Portland residents are pissed.