Coldplay’s song “The Scientist” gets covered by Willie Nelson in this really great stop-motion commercial for Chipotle about how the fast-food company is making strides in ensuring that their ingredients are treated well and farmed in a responsible manner. [via]

If you want to see the set on where this was shot, check out this Flickr photoset here.

If you’re on Spotify, here’s the link to the song. :)
If you’re not on Spotify, seriously, why not?

Hmm, interesting. Oceanside, Long Island got so much water from Hurricane Irene last weekend that at least one guy was able to jet ski his way around town.

What a fantastic behind-the-scenes video with Natalie over at Sweetpea Bicycles in Portland, OR about the origin of the company and their drive to build bikes made especially for women.

On top of the wonderful bikes they make, Sweetpea Bicycles also donates 1% of their annual sales to protect the environment through 1% For The Planet. If you’re a lady and you’re looking for a bike, you should start right here.

Nice video. I wish I had more friends that were into biking or at least driving next to me while I bike so I could put together some video like this. Hahaha, I know, it’s a weird thought.