Designer Stephen Shaheen took 5000 MTA MetroCards and fashioned them onto this steel bench to create the illusion that you are sitting on nothing more than a bunch of fragile MetroCards. I sat on this bench at the Sloan Fine Art gallery during the Single Fare 2 exhibit 2 weeks ago. It was cool!

It always seemed very weird to me that Vimeo did not have a dedicated iPhone app. The iPhone and Vimeo always felt like they should be together but up until just a few days ago that wasn’t really the case. But now, Vimeo has officially released a Vimeo app for the iPhone that can do much more than just watch videos — it’s a friggin’ video editor too! And the best part is that it’s free!


I really like this Shark Red T-shirt from CXXVI. A quality print for $36!

Sasha Grey’s book showcasing some of the raw imagery behind her adult film career is officially out after a very long delay. The book entitled NEU SEX is $20 on Amazon and features 3 year’s worth of intimate and raw images that the actress has shot of herself. Very interesting to see this as a transition into the Hollywood film industry.


Before I ever played with a Game Boy or a Game Gear, I remember playing these very simple Tiger Electronics games that had a minimal amount of buttons and limited screen movement. They were fun for a while but the graphics just couldn’t compete with this other entertainment device known as the TV. Still, there was some fun factor in those games that was just never replicated in anything else. There was something about seeing your character only move in 3 or 4 positions on screen while killing endless numbers of bad guys that seemed really future.

And so that’s why Pica-Pic is so fun! You get to play all these classic handheld games — mostly for free — and all one right after the other!

Food Curated takes a tour of Mosefund Farm in New Jersey which raises special Mangalitsa Pigs for their fat to meat ratio and their amazing flavor that’s different from regular pork.

PS: Yes, there’s a typo in the video.