Check out this video of Dan Martich working a whole homebrewing contraption in his house. He ponders a lot about the significance of what he’s doing (maybe taking it a bit too seriously), so try to get past all that and just admire his setup.

WeSC takes us behind-the-scenes in Italy to see first-hand how parts of their Fall 2011 footwear is produced. The only thing that sucks about this? The purple shoe — I’m convinced purple is the worst color for footwear. Everybody, please stop making purple shoes.


Just so I have it here for my own collection, here’s a big image of the iPod Photo.

No time-lapse or trick photography here. This is simply a 30-minute video of the sun setting over the horizon. Enjoy!

Hoping to outlast their enemies in extreme weather conditions, a portion of the South Korean army apparently trains by retreating to snowy areas and jumping without much clothing into freezing cold waters.

So if a Korean soldier appeared without a shirt on in the battlefield, would anybody even notice? I KID I KID.