OMG, the part where Spike Jonze hits the other skater in the back of the head looks so real! But knowing Spike Jonze, it’s probably some sort of visual trickery. And yes, there’s a Hello Kitty skateboard there if you look closely!

Journeyman Pictures ventures in search of a NYC urban legend about “mole people” living in the NYC Subway system. If you’ve ever read Jennifer Toth’s book The Mole People you’ll know that there’s at least some truth to this myth.

In this 48-minute documentary, two men named Erik and Kenny venture into the dark abyss of the deep tunnel system underneath New York to see if they can find out more about these people. The clip above is the trailer which should whet your appetite to see the full film. Voices In the Tunnels is available on Amazon for $30.

The Beastie Boys posted a sneak preview of this full-length star-stuffed film a few weeks back and now the entire movie is out, for free viewing on Hulu.

The movie is directed by The Beastie Boys’ own Adam Yauch and clocks in at half an hour long so make sure you’ve got the time to sit through the whole thing.


A new movie called Highlining California follows a group of 5 slackliners — people who walk on a thin nylon rope stretched across two points — and shows how they went across California walking a total of 12 highlines, 5 longlines and more than 20 other slacklines. The feats are incredible in themselves, requiring extreme balance and concentration, and the views are incredible.

The trailer is posted above and you can find out more about the film here.


How fitting that musical genius Ray Charles would have letters showing musical staffs in place of blank white space. I like!