Stand Up 2 Cancer got Marc Webb (director of 500 Days of Summer) to direct this great PSA about changing our generations’ odds of getting cancer. Nice, very nice!

LULZ, this is one of the better cat videos I’ve seen lately. [via]

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It’s Shark Week and Discovery Channel has posted the top 10 shark attack videos on their website from their various shark-related programming. Pretty exciting to watch, but also pretty scary too.

Using 500 fireworks with 30 shots in each stick, these curious folks decided to see just how firing 15,000 shots in succession would look like. Well, here it is. [via]

This is gold. Fstoppers posted this behind-the-scenes look at how Cox Media sets up its TV cameras, audio, and various tech to broadcast a Big East college basketball game.

Tom Guilmette does a fantastic job of breaking the whole process down and I have to say, this looks like a lot of hard work but also like a lot of fun!