Got to work with this lens recently and loved it. Super sharp, slightly heavy, and pretty expensive. But quality is definitely reflective of the price I’d be paying if I bought one for my own setup (which I might…eventually). I find myself shooting at 24mm on my 24-70mm anyway, so this might be a good (and faster) alternative to shooting wide. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

This is just impressive to watch even from the viewpoint of a non-football follower.

Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks made a 67-yard touchdown against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday and did so while foiling numerous tackling attempts. Watch as Lynch literally pushes a Saints player out of the way on this incredible run toward the end zone.

Austin Groff from Twin Valley South High School makes this blind backwards shot from half-court at the buzzer. Amazingly, it goes in and it looks like they win.

Thanks Rami!

Haha, these guy do the robots moves very well. If you missed the other Genki Sudo/World Order videos, check them out here.

Thanks Thomas!

A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally discovered a YouTube singing sensation named Clara C for her cover of “Rocketeer” (originally by Far East Movement). Since then, I’ve gradually gone through just about every video she’s uploaded to her YouTube account and I just can’t get enough of her voice. It’s soulful and rare for an Asian singer which makes her rising fame well worth the hype in my opinion. Check out this extra video below of her doing an early rendition of “Offbeat”.