Back To The Future co-creator Bob Gale finally put it in stone on the origins of the relationship between Doc Brown and Marty McFly in the Back To The Future films. How did the two become such good friends? Gale says it was natural that the two would be friends since they were outcasts in their respective classes/groups. Doc hired Marty to help out in the lab and the rest is history!


Here’s some trivia for you. Claes just found out that the little plastic “table” that sits at the center of a large pizza pie when it gets delivered is officially known as a “package saver”. It was patented on February 12, 1985 by Carmela Vitale and is still in use in many pizzerias to this very day to prevent a large pizza box from falling into itself (although some modern pizzerias will use a slightly different shaped box for sturdiness). You can check out the patent application here for the package saver.

Wow, thanks so much for this Paul!

This video here shows A. Samuels, a 55-year-old rich casino owner with a love for the good things in life. He says that having money is nice, but only by working hard, playing hard and enjoying every day, can you truly be “Livin De Life.” And so, he made a song to tell you what that means.


I just realized I have no idea where this backpack is. This is the last time I ever photographed it so I’m guessing it’s with the person in the photo above…(maybe?).