I want to say this every time somebody asks me if Pepsi is an ok substitute for Coke. ARE YOU CRAZY?! Of course that’s not alright! [via]


Photo: REUTERS/U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Dylan McCord

This is an entirely different kind of floating house to the one I posted previously made by engineers to recreate the house from Up. It’s simply an amazing photo of a house dragged out to the ocean by the tsunami in Japan following the 8.9/9.0 magnitude earthquake last Friday. Beautiful, in a very sad and depressing way. [via]

To some, the Twixtor plugin might be a cheap trick, but I actually like watching the videos that people share using that plugin. Not everybody can afford a camera that can capture real slow-motion so I’m totally applauding those who have taken the time to learn how to substitute thousands of dollars worth of equipment with just a simple $300 plugin. Watch this example above and then check out the others I’ve posted already on Doobybrain.


This has been published for a while now, but I’m going through some old saved tabs and this one was too good to keep ignoring. The Kingston Lounge journeyed into North Brother Island, an island in NYC that has literally been abandoned completely since 1963. It has a rich history of being an insane asylum, a hospital for various diseases in the early 20th century, and a layout that resembles that of the Shutter Island film (although the two have no connection).

The photos are quite exciting to go through as well as the long read in historic information that The Kingston Lounge has dug up. It reminds me that I need to do some more exploring!


Swedish architecture firm Jagnefalt Milton thought up these neat little houses on rails that they call “A Rolling Master Plan”. The concept houses allow for communities to be redefined in a new and potentially exciting way as houses and the families that reside in them no longer have to be confined to one static location. Of course, with the rail system in the US the way it is, this would never be a practical solution to redefining communities, but I would honestly love to be able to travel the US one day on a house on rails. [via]


Got sent this 13-oz. Tanner Goods belt today and I’m excited to break it in! I’ve had a very odd fascination lately with watching leather age and change color. This 100% genuine leather belt should look gorgeous in no time. :)