LOL. How in the world did the name of these jeans get passed by everybody who works at Gap? Is everybody that works at The Gap just clueless to what the term “pegging” means? Yeesh!

Anyway, I don’t see these on their website so maybe they’ve already gotten recalled.

The gigantic and highly unusable-in-real-life Buster Sword from the Final Fantasy game series comes to life in this man’s quest to remake a 1:1 replica. You can bet the thing is heavy and awkward to handle, but if you want to make one for yourself anyway, just follow these instructions on Instructables.


Public School posted this wonderful gallery of beautiful chalkboard letters and illustrations by Dana Tanamachi. See a whole lot more from these blackboards on her website.

In Easton, MA, an office building belonging to Triton Technologies collapsed under the heavy weight of snow over the last couple of days. Local news channel NECN caught the whole thing on video.