Here are a series of intense PSAs about crystal meth abuse from the Montana Meth Project, which airs commercials like these to a viewership of about 70-90% of teens in Montana 3 times a week has paid off over the course of the last 2 years. The commercials — scary, real, and ugly — have been attributed to the decrease in meth users by up to 70% in Montana.

Thanks (I think?) Will!

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I love this old OOAK Industrial Light from AMradio on Etsy. The light can be positioned for either desktop status or for the wall (which I would definitely do if I had this). Should I try to make my own instead of spending $96?


Krispy Kreme outlets in the UK are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Glamour Magazine with these 2 specially-glazed doughnuts in bright, sparkly pink and purple (strawberry and blackcurrant flavor). Sounds and looks really delicious! I wish we could get these State-side (aren’t we supposed to be the ones to invent everything that’s unhealthy in this world?).

I like Boston! And I’m fron New York!

If you watched any movie in the past year or so with Boston as its backdrop, you’ll see it in the “movie” above.

This must be one of the scariest things to ever live through. A man hiking up to the top of a mountain accidentally slips and falls off to the rocky side (not the side with snow) and lives without major injuries. What’s incredible is that the whole thing is caught on his helmet cam. [via]