Remember that very hilarious video of a brother talking to TV news reporter about a rapist who climbed into his sister’s window at night? Well, it’s been turned into a very catchy song. LULZ.

Who knew that a video of 32 glowsticks being emptied into the toilet would be so entertaining? You gotta check this out!

It starts off pretty slowly, but just keep watching to see the washing machine go into an epileptic fit!


Hello readers! I’m proud to announce that for the month of August I’ll be guest editing over at Coudal Partners! Coudal Partners is a design studio based in Chicago, Illinois that has its hand in web, print, and motion picture graphics and is also the same studio behind the popular Field Notes Brand of notebooks, the wonderful Museum of Online Museums, and the premiere ad network known as The Deck.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be updating Doobybrain, it just means that I’ll have the chance to insert some of my random and fun links into the CP Fresh Signals feed. I highly encourage you to subscribe to their feed here. I’m very excited to be a part of the distinguished list of guest editors and look forward to my tenure as guest editor there this month. I hope you’ll find the things I share satisfying, thought-provoking and fun!

This Amazon order has confused the conveyor belt that carries it out of the warehouse for an exercising treadmill. At least it’s fit right? [via]


Photo by Nicolai Howalt

PDN posted some photos from Nicolai Howalt’s series entitled Car Crash Studies that takes a close look at the aftermath of cars after a severe or fatal accident. The photos don’t show anything gruesome but looking through the photos is enough to remind me that sometimes a car really is just a death trap.