Damn. This is beautiful. Making me tear up a bit. Make sure you watch this one in HD!

Thanks Colin Rich!


It’s official. Get Mac OS X Lion if you want your Time Machine to look as pretty as this!


Today is Joyce Lim’s birthday. My present to her is ongoing for the next few months, so I hope it turns out the way I envisioned (she doesn’t know this). It could be worse right now, but I’m glad she’s here — definitely somebody I appreciate even if I don’t show it all the time.


This came in last week. My complete Bicycle color series is nearly complete. Just a few more decks.


Revolights are a set of thin profile LED rings that you can attach to your bicycle rim to simulate a flashing LED light display so people can see you better on the road when you’re out at night. [via]

The project is currently looking for funding of $43,500 on Kickstarter and if all goes well, they may soon be selling these to mass markets! Nice!