Photos by David Yoon

David Yoon, the person behind Microlawns, has another interesting project called Narrow Streets Los Angeles in which he uses Photoshop magic to shrink super-wide streets and avenues around LA to look more like European streets. The change is obviously immediately recognizable and shocking — but also oddly soothing to look at.

WHATTT! Check out this video of a gigantic goldfish caught by Olivia Riley in Kansas City’s Troost Lake! Hearing her scream “I don’t know, it’s beautiful!” is hilarious. Pure joy! :D[via]

Amazing is a bit of an understatement here: Watch as a man named Ueli Steck climbs a 13,025 foot mountain in the Swiss Alps in just 2 hours and 47 minutes. He holds that peak’s current fastest climb record, obviously. [via]

What do you do with an iBook that’s past it’s prime? You gut it and fill it with soft, cushy material so that it can be used as an iPad case!

The third video in the Museum of Online Museums’ exploration of some of the people behind their treasured collections catches up with Jennifer Sharpe, a writer for NPR and the person behind the forgotten Kriegsmann photographs. Jennifer was the lucky recipient of a trunk-load of discarded photographs by 20th-century musician photographer James J. Kriegsmann. These photographs were all part of a “bad” pile, photos of non-famous musicians hoping to make it big — with some horribly embarassing headshots and group shots to show for it.

The story is quite interesting and NPR has more details behind the story.