Photo by Jesse Marlow for Colors Magazine

John Anderson of Melbourne, Australia is a collector of parking meters. He’s such a fan of the many different types of meters that he’s gone ahead and amassed about 120 of them in his own private collection.

When you look at it, this is a pretty cool thing to collect. I like this man!

Tour of Singapore 2010 from duraath on Vimeo.

Sometimes you just want to ride on open roads. And here’s Duraath’s video of riders participating in the 2010 Tour of Singapore. Looks fun!

The City Concealed: Park Slope Armory from Thirteen.org on Vimeo.

Now housing the YMCA recreational center, the Park Slope Armory has a rich history in wartime operations. It was built in 1895 for the 14th regiment of The National Guard and went on to serve multiple purposes like a homeless shelter, a sporting arena, and general public-events space. This episode of The City Concealed takes a look at the Park Slope Armory and shows you the inside of its massive complex just in case you can’t make it there yourself.

Backyard Booty Segment: Natural Progressions from Ryan Flett on Vimeo.

Fstoppers posted this video from Ryan Flett that shows the 2.5D effect — or moving still image effect — in action along with some time-lapse videos. I’ve always enjoyed watching this sort of thing in documentary videos and it’s cool to see them use the same technique outside of a historical context.

If you want to learn how to do this effect, watch this video tutorial here to make the effect in After Effects.


Photo by Francesco Ragusa

Seriously, how great is this pile of wood made by Boris Dennler? Imagine living in a house full of these types of hidden furniture designs — that would be insane!


Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve never been to Governors Island, but looking at Andrew Moore’s photos of the place make me want to go there as soon as I can. I hear it’s been rehabilitated in some parts for the public, but I wonder if it’s still anything like it is in Andrew’s photos.