This 4-part video series from THE SHHO is a bit shaky and hard to watch, but the content is certified gold. Sitting down in front of the camera is Jeff Staple of Staple Design talking about the influence of street culture, hip-hop, and the importance of having the right attitude to produce excellent work.

The 4th video below is my favorite.

Wow, this was totally unexpected. I just came across this final farewell video from Jeremy Rocklin of the death of Off-Track Betting (OTB) parlors in NYC. All OTB locations in the NYC area were closed on December 7th after the NYS Senate failed to pass a bill to bring the betting parlors out of financial ruin.

Makes you almost miss these places and the crazy people that always stood outside of them. Almost.

Watch this great video of Scott Schuman talking about his work ethic and his position in the world as one of the fashion industry’s top influencers via his blog The Sartorialist.