Remember how I said those Clarks ads popping up all over NYC that I did will be on billboards too? Well, here it is!

Thanks to Drew for spotting this one and letting me know where it is (19th Street and 10th Avenue)!


Arch Daily has posted some amusing mockups from in situ studio of their proposed High Bridge restructuring and revitalization plan. in situ studio hopes that the opening of the High Bridge will bring back a sense of community to this area of Washington Heights which has been cut off ever since the bridge closed in the 1990′s.


Photo: The White House

GOOD writes briefly about the super-secret mobile command center known as the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) that the President travels with at just about all times. The White House Flickr recently posted an image of President Obama in the SCIF and it offered a rare glimpse into the life of the President that the public isn’t normally allowed to see.

According to GOOD, the SCIF looks like a normal tarp tent but it is actually soundproof and able to retain and also restrict emissions in listening devices. The only thing going out from this tent is the encrypted phone line the President is on.

Amazingly, this whole thing fits in the size of 2 lockers. Cool.

The iPad 2 Smart Cover is one of those things you see at first and think “Well, that’s sort of stupid”. But once you get your hands on one and actually see it snap strongly in place and realize how versatile it is of a product, your sentiments toward it are sure to change. That’s what happened to me.


The warmer weather is slowly (very slowly) creeping up on those of us here in NYC and if you’re in the market to purchase a bike for cruising around town, I highly suggest that you hold off for just a couple of more weeks because there’s an exciting and affordable bike company coming out that you’ll really want to check out.

For now, here’s one of the frames coming from the company which I’ll be able to show off in its entirety real soon!

I can’t give any more details at the moment, but trust me you’ll want to wait. Oh, and I know I said NYC above, but this will be available for all US buyers.

I really like trains. So seeing how trains help bring another favorite item of mine — the space shuttle — into space is rather interesting. I had no idea the rail system was so intertwined and important to space shuttle missions. [via]