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I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately and one of the ones that have stuck out in my head is a little-known Australian claymation film called Mary and Max. First of all, the film looks spectacular as a claymation animated feature. It’s so well done and detailed in every way that sometimes you think it’s actually all CG (made in the style of claymation) but really it’s just superb camera work and lots of really, really good set and film production.

The film follows the story of an Australian girl named Mary who befriends an older gentleman in New York City via letters. They become good pen pals and over the years they develop a relationship that each can take something away from. The story is very sweet with tidbits of adventure and suspense riddle throughout the movie.

It’s streaming on Netflix if you have a Netflix account. Otherwise, I highly recommend picking up Mary and Max on DVD for just $12.

Here’s the trailer:

“Inception” Sound for Film Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Soundworks Collection is the studio behind the mysterious and suspenseful soundtrack to Inception. In this video, you get to hear sound designer Richard King, Re-recording Mixer Lora Hirschberg, and Re-recording mixer Gary Rizzo talk about what it took to make all of the sound effects and music for the mega blockbuster hit. If you loved the movie, you’ll love the soundtrack.

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Judging by the photos alone, the AmazonBasics Camera Backpack looks pretty legit! And from the reviews, it sounds like it’s actually big enough to hold up to two DSLR bodies and lenses for each. And the waterproof pockets on the inside are a nice touch, especially given the fact that other backpacks on this same level are usually a lot more. For $30, the AmazonBasics Camera Backpack isn’t that bad of a deal! I should try this out.

For those who don’t know, AmazonBasics is Amazon.com’s own generic line of products and electronics accessories that so far have been getting very good ratings.

How cute! Can’t wait to watch this movie! Thanks Joyce!