I’ve never seen Mobbed on Fox but if they’re all about feel-good stuff like this, I’m down with it!

I gotta say though, starting off a proposal with your soon-to-be fiance thinking that you’re cheating on her is…very risky!!! Good ending though!


I just came across this site called Houzz that’s basically a treasure trove of interior design ideas. It certainly helps that the photos posted here are good too and not taken by somebody’s cellphone. Check it out (and explore some ideas to decorate your own home).

Highlining or slacklining does not look fun to me AT ALL. Definitely one of the extreme sports I don’t understand.

This would exist in Las Vegas! The panoramic suite at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas not only has a great view of the Las Vegas strip but also an entire plethora of Back To The Future props on display inside the room! Amazing! Simon, you should stay here!


Image via The Fax Blog

Love this! I want to install a fake wall fax machine and have this piece of paper sticking out of it just like in Back To The Future.