Image from BGR

OMG, please let the next iPhone have an NFC payment system built in. I really would not mind ditching my wallet if I could pay for everything by swiping my phone in front of it. That definitely includes paying for Subway fares and I really hope the picture above becomes a reality later this summer.


If you liked yesterday’s GP Rucksack from D’emploi then you’ll love this slightly modified version of the same bag in blue and orange. For $127 (pre-order), the bag is handmade in the USA and made of super strong waxed canvas and incorporates a newer version of the shoulder strap design. Seriously, these bags look amazing!

Given the widespread use of Facebook in public places, it’s highly recommended that you follow the simple instructions in this video and make your connections to Facebook always secure. Seriously, it takes like 30 seconds to do. Just do it and save yourself the headache later.

I am 100% certain that I would not have understood this if it didn’t include a map with highlighted regions. Also, if you’re going to watch this, be prepared for a crazy mess of country naming towards the end of the video. It gets insane. [via]