New York City’s oldest standing bridge, The High Bridge, gets documented by The City Concealed for their latest video on amazing NYC infrastructure projects.

The bridge has been a hot spot for urban explorers since it closed sometime in the 90′s and I’ve been itching to go and visit and do my own excursion soon. Luckily for me in the meantime, I can just watch this video from PBS Thirteen. :)

Street artist Posterchild recently spent some time with Keith Haskel who made this video showing how easy it is to take phonebooth ads. I used to do this all the time!

Oliver Noble of put together this video of many scenes from different movies featuring product placements over the years. [via]

This teaser for a documentary called Unlike U looks pretty awesome. It’s basically a history of how Berlin became the “New York of Europe” in terms of graffiti — especially on trains and subways. There’s a lot of good footage here to be viewed so I highly recommend you view this video above without any distractions. I want to see the full film!


I’m not a huge whiskey drinker, but I certainly like keeping this bottle around. Thanks to the folks at Bushmills for sending this along.


Aaron Kuehn created this image of a bike made out of words that form each portion of the bike. You can download a PDF of this image and print it out as big as you want!