I am never looking at the sea the same again. :( This whole town is basically cleared out. It’s almost like a miniature disaster set filled with water, except of course, that it’s all real. [via]

I love this video from Bill “The Engineer Guy” explaining how the filament in a tungsten light bulb is made and works. [via]


So I take an online break for a few days this weekend and what do I miss? Oh, not much, just the fact that AT&T may purchase T-Mobile for a whopping $39 billion pending government approval. This would essentially make AT&T the best network carrier in the US. I’m all for it. Big monopolies!

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Photo by Herman Yung

After years — literally — of telling people to go here for the views, I finally got myself to experience it first hand. It was so beautiful. Definitely the best skyline ever. Click the thumbnail below to see it bigger!


Yesterday was a great day. Rebecca Black’s single Friday was finally released for download on Amazon.com. The song is only $.99!