Man, look at how precise these guys are with their stencils and spray paint. Some of the best at their game in my opinion.

A visit to the real Shawshank State Prison in Ohio

Also known as the Ohio State Reformatory or the Mansfield Reformatory, the prison made famous by the film Shawshank Redemption is visited by Herve Attia to compare real locations with those seen in the movie.

I need to get myself to Ohio and visit this place!

The video posted here is pretty amazing. It’s made by Herve Attia and takes you into the various locations around Los Angeles where scenes in the film Blade Runner were filmed.

I should just reference this video the next time I go to LA so I can visit some of these places in person. :)


Matt W. Moore created this fantastic looking D&D Magic playing card set back in 2008. I don’t think you can buy this anywhere which is a shame because I’d love to add this to my playing cards collection. :(

Goh Nakamura plays himself in Dave Boyle’s film Surrogate Valentine about an actor who joins Goh on the road to learn how to properly play a struggling musician on TV. This actually looks really interesting. Can’t wait to check this out.