Camp 4 Collective followed extreme hiking and climbing photographer Jimmy Chin as he scaled some of the rocks in Yosemite National Park.

His assignment to shoot the cover story for National Geographic requires him to repel down the side of cliffs, base jump off crazy ledges, and also pitch tents that literally hang off the side of the rock (no ground below — you’ll see in the video).

If I were a professional photographer, this is the type I’d want to be. Something that allows me to be outside and doing what I love while soaking up some amazing scenery with incredible people. And being in Yosemite National Park is a nice plus. :)

I love the density in Hong Kong. People tell me that Japan is like 10x that of Hong Kong so I bet I’d love Japan even more. Plus, isn’t Japan ultra-clean? [via]

Wait, how did this post become about Japan?


Part of the just-released Fall 2011 season are these Trail Coats from HUF. Comes in black and red and can be yours for $140. I wish these came in smalls.


I cannot wait to press these buttons again!! GOING TO PRESS THEM ALL. EVEN IF I’M NOT CROSSING!!!!