Photo: Herman Yung

Just the other day, I was up high above the gigantic hole that leads down to the 7 line extension on the West Side of Manhattan and I was thinking how awesome it would be to go down there and photograph.

Well, the MTA sort of provided an answer as to what’s down there for me by supplying these photos of the progress beneath the city streets. Check them out! In a few years, this will be a fully operational Subway line!

Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin


I’d do this drive again and visit the Getty Villa! Hopefully it won’t be raining. The view reminded me of driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

This is a video compiled of my own face using the Everday iPhone app which was inspired by Noah Kalina’s viral video also called Everyday in which he photographed himself everyday for 2356 days (or roughly 6 years).

If you haven’t seen Noah’s video, I’ve embedded it below.

And if you’re interested in doing a video like this also, check out the Everyday app demo video below.

Gizmodo shared this somewhat peculiar music video called “The Greeks” from Is Tropical that overlays anime-styled animation (explosions, bullet streaks, blood splatters, etc.) over real-life video of kids shooting at each other with water guns.

Drugs, violence and competitive eating are involved too. Just watch this video. It’s kinda funny!

Good song and a cool music video of the band Homemade Blockbuster sticking up heart-shaped stickies all over town and on traffic lights.