Photos: Marcus Buck

Want to break your ankles fast? Try playing a real game of basketball on this wavy court in Germany. The peculiar art installation is made by inges idee and is actually the same length as a real basketball court. It even has hoops just in case you do want to play.


Jook Leung took this amazing 360-degree VR of the inside of the Space Shuttle Discovery’s flight deck. Geez man, this is the perfect place for somebody with itchy fingers. Check it out in full here. [via]

Nothing like waking up, seeing your favorite person in the world, and then going back to sleep again — repeat!

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This seems like a pretty great invention so long as you don’t mind whipping out your dong in front of fellow festival go-ers. And if you don’t mind, then I hope you don’t mind the urine-soaked tree base that you’re most likely going to be standing on.

But all kidding aside, this is a wonderful solution for long and crowded portable toilet lines. Just buy a bunch of these, find as many trees as possible, and fertilize!!