I love when artists have a sense of humor. Here, Yolanda Dominguez enlists a bunch of women to poses in public in the same weird “fashion poses” seen in magazines all over the world.

Taken out of context, these poses just become absurdly weird — but very funny (especially when the public and police get involved).

Wow, remember Sugru? It’s that magic Play-Doh like substance that’s moldable into any shape and cures at room temperature. Well, not only can you make iPhone 4 bumpers with it, but if you have enough Sugru, you can cover an entire camera and play kickball with it too!

Want to see 500 people holding 1,500 individual pictures all around Israel in a stop-motion video? You got it! [via]

What I learned watching this video:

  1. Copyright law was originally intended to help spur on the creation of new creative works.
  2. Copyright law was originally supposed to only last 28 years after the work’s creation.
  3. Copyright law has since changed so significantly that it no longer actually helps create new works. You can now get sued for building upon copyrighted work because copyrighted work now can last a gajillion years.

How do we fix this?