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Yacht Island Design is a company that is in the business of creating floating paradises on the water. Shown above is one of these concept yacht designs called the Tropical Island Paradise.

This is crazy. Imagine how much you’d lose if this boat sank.

A new film/documentary called Vigilante Vigilante aims to answer the question of who the real vandal is in the homemade amateur battle against graffiti. Is it the actual graffiti writers or is it the notorious graffiti buffers in several big cities in the US who “white-out” these tags and murals with buckets of paint? [via]

Andrew Wonder’s Undercity film starring Steve Duncan of Undercity.org has a new clip floating around. Watch it above!

If you missed the film before, it’s here in full.


Here it is folks, a chart comparing the world’s tallest buildings with what will soon be the new king: The Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia (Curbed’s got the stats if you care).

Let’s face it. Building the world’s tallest building isn’t so exciting anymore. Sure, it’s kind of neat, but when the tallest building in the world changes several times in 10 years, what’s the point?

The real game should be who can build a structure with the world’s deepest basement. Now that would be cool. So go start drilling.

I just got this video today showing how the gorgeous LockCircle camera cap for Canon EOS cameras is manufactured and cut from a single solid piece of aluminum.

Damn, this thing is so beautiful. If you want one, you can pick it up in either silver, grey, or black for $99.