Jim and Wood from Sweet Juniper went back into the famed “Detroit Book Depository” (also known as the Roosevelt Warehouse) and took a video of the leftover mess that speaks loudly of one way Detroit has gone to waste. [via]

If you remember, the Detroit Book Depository is the same place where a dead man was found frozen at the bottom of an elevator shaft back in 2009. According to Jim and Wood, the interior of the place has largely been left undisturbed.

UPDATE: Ok, the video is not embeddable for some reason, so watch it here.


This is fascinating: Codex XCIX has an extensive but comprehensive write-up of LEGO packaging design from the late 1950′s to the last major redesign, circa 1998. In the article, you get a peek at the various package designs and get to know how successful — or not — they were.

What’s most interesting is seeing the older boxes and the actual photos that they originated from.

A guy named Kendy decided to film his custom 620 Monster motorcycle for fun with a Canon 550D. Amazingly, the very still hand-held shots are achieved by using Twixtor instead of a rig.

Tinkernology posted this video of a LEGO-built “Delta robot” — an industrial machine that sorts and picks objects on an assembly line. This is a must-see even though the video is very long!


This is incredible. To manufacture the Lexus LFA, Lexus created the world’s first carbon fiber loom that’s about 6 feet across and can create a circular weave that can then be molded into just about any shape for the vehicle. [via]