Kronos released this video to celebrate International Women’s Day this year and in it they quickly review some of the achievements women have had a hand in making to improve everybody’s daily life around the world. Thank you ladies!


Whoo! CrunchGear is reporting that Canon has just announced future support for Thunderbolt connectivity in their cameras and video cameras. Can’t wait to kiss USB camera connection goodbye! There’s no release schedule for Canon cameras with Thunderbolt options, but hopefully it’ll come sooner rather than later.


I know all of you have been waiting for this, but it looks like SyFy’s totally ridiculous and awesome movie Sharktopus is out! The film follows the story of a half-shark half-octopus created by the US Military which breaks loose from its enclosure and attacks people in Mexico. It’s about as good as Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (and if you’ve seen that, then you know how good this is going to be!!!).

Watch the trailer here and then decide if you want to watch the full movie here.


According to official Apple specs, the 2011 MacBook Pro laptops (one of which I own) should only be able to max out at 8GB of RAM. But through independent testing OWC has confirmed that the new computers can in fact take up to 16GB of RAM. That’s so crazy. What’s even crazier is that two of these 8GB RAM sticks will cost you $1600. The new MacBook Pros are fast enough as it is, so I can only imagine how much quicker they’d be with 16GB of RAM installed. WHOOSH!

Not a huge fan of Traphik, but I can definitely appreciate the collab here with two rappers I do like — Jin and Dumbfoundead. Charlie Sheen has permeated the Asian circle.


These BOS Ice Tea cans are so attractive. Their point of sale displays designed by The President are also very pretty. But the most important question is…DO THESE TASTE GOOD?