Check out this awesome retro painting Eric Tan did as a tribute to his favorite film, Back To The Future. He recreated the style of ads from the 1950′s for this postcard which he then made 150 copies of for the Crazy for Cult show this past summer. They’re all sold out now unfortunately.

Broadway Bombing 2010 from crihs on Vimeo.

There’s only one way to get this sort of view in NYC…and that’s on a bike! Do it!


Photo: Hank Walker

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! Hope you’re enjoying it with the ones you love!

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What!! This is so awesome! Flash Rods is selling this Back To The Future DeLorean that’s not only a 1:18 scale replica model of the vehicle from the movie but also a 500GB portable hard drive as well! Definitely worth the $250 pricetag in my opinion! The cool factor alone makes this good!

Thanks Chanjai!