Photo: Spencer Lowell

There’s something incredibly fascinating about seeing this real human brain sitting inside this plexiglass case.

The brain, photographed by Spencer Lowell, belonged to Henry Molaison who died in 2008 and had a rare condition where his memory only lasted a few minutes due to surgery he underwent for epilpsy in 1953. Henry was known as “Patient HM” and his brain has been donated to medical research for researchers to learn more about how the human brain captures and stores memories. PDN has some more background info about the image above.

I have a great appreciation for jeans made by hand, but there’s also something oddly fascinating about the more automated mass-produced jean-making process seen in the video above where several thousand pairs can be created in a day.

I don’t know if they sped up the video a bit, but doesn’t it look like everything inside a jean factory moves at an incredible pace?


Studio Glithero created the Poured Bar by pouring layers of colored paint on top of each other and then letting it set and harden. Once complete, the paint was flattened and flipped over to reveal a fluid and non-traditional bar counter top. Neat!

A company called C3 has gotten pretty close to perfected the technology used in created 3D bird’s eye view imagery of cities. Using a special rig and a plane, C3 is able to compile the images it captures so that the bird’s eye view is adjustable based on the angle and position you are viewing from. The demo on is pretty cool as is the video above showing NYC. [via]

Maybe because it’s Tuesday…but I had a good laugh watching this video of a brawl inside a taco shop set to Street Fighter music and sound effects. So many questions pop into mind when watching this video — like why did this begin, and where do all the people come from, and why is everybody so angry?? [via]

PS: Yes, the video does cut out with the music still playing…