This satellite image was captured by NASA between January 31st and February 2nd and shows the massive winter snowstorm that covered much of the U.S. this past week. The storm was measured at about 1240 miles from West to East and dumped an average of 5-inches of snow in about 21 States (obviously, some states, like Illinois got a whole lot more).

Here’s another commercial that’ll run during this Sunday’s Super Bowl. This one, called Miss Evelyn, is great too. :)

Man, this is one crazy fight. I wish I had some backstory to know who started it. Also…this sounds crazy, but I think I recognize this deli and I think I’ve been in there before (but the again, a lot of NYC delis look like this so who knows…).


Director Tomas Leach teamed up with DP Ben Todd to capture the delicate story of Jost Haas, one of the few people left on earth who still makes glass eyes by hand. The precision and skill this man has deserves to be documented and preserved on video. It’s amazing what he can do with a bit of fire, glass, and his own two hands.

Lizzie Oxby used 3 photographic stills to make this animated short film entitled “Manhattan 4:33PM” in which he turned the city skyline into a game of pinball. NICE. :)

Haha, wow, this is terrible! I bet Jake loved making this short for CollegeHumor though! Lucky!