Haha, wow, this is terrible! I bet Jake loved making this short for CollegeHumor though! Lucky!

Liza de Guia of FoodCurated produces another fantastic food-related video, this time about the domestic production of caviar in Sarasota, Florida. She talks to Jim Michaels, the program manager at Mote Marine Laboratory for their Siberian Sturgeon program and discusses how domestic farming of Sturgeon is both good for the economy and also good for wildlife. Jim Michaels’ Sturgeon farm is massive, with tanks upon tanks of fish ready to produce yummy caviar for the affluent! Yum! Watch the video to see how it’s all done on American shores!


Joey Ruiter is the man behind Inner City Bikes, a company that takes a new approach to the classic bicycle design.

So far, there have been at least 2 prototypes of the Inner City Bike, one with 29″ diamater tires and another with 36″ diamater tires (above). The bike aims to make the bicycle even simpler than it already is with a completely stripped down frame and minimal components. The bike has no chain (it’s essentially an adult big wheel) and positions the rider a bit more awkwardly than your standard bike.

But even with its odd looks, it seems like this 36″ prototype is definitely ridable. I wonder what it feels like to stop (maybe like a fixed gear?).

The Super Bowl commercials for this year are already coming out, ahead of the actual Super Bowl game. This one for Cars.com is pretty funny. I wonder if Disney/Pixar’s Cars would be as amusing if it were done with real-life vehicles like this.

Rapper Dumbfounded rapping over Diplo’s “Knock Out” beat. A lot of you following me on Twitter told me to give this guy a listen and I most certainly did. Twitter, that’s where the power is!

Thanks Judson!

Maybe it’s because I live in NYC but I actually have very little problems making a call on AT&T. All the commotion about dropped calls and spotty service are pretty non-existent where I live. But obviously, I know this isn’t the case with everybody.

But still, to hear that people are moving over to Verizon for an iPhone that can’t access data and be on a call at the same time…that just seems like a downgrade even IF you had bad service on AT&T. Am I the only person who thinks this? For me, there would have to be a lot more of an incentive to jump carriers other than “better” cellphone service (“better” in quotes because I actually haven’t experienced poor service in a major metropolitan area).