Trash Lovers put out this video showing them writing beautiful script on garbage on the street and also making signs for their own collection. Reminds me of SURE explaining his writing style.

Watch this video from Aza Raskin about how clever CSS write-up can mask what’s actually being shown on a webpage. Some spammers have begun to use this in emails and Aza has taken their technique and applied it to a webpage that plainly shows his email address but turns it into gobbly-gook as soon as you try to copy and paste it. [via]

I have an odd fascination with these oil fields and oil pumps. I’ve seen them so much in films that I feel like I know them in a sense while at the same time wishing I could experience them in person. I’m sure they aren’t as exciting as I’m making them out to be, but I’d still like to just walk around a field of these giant metal monsters one day.

MTV Japan took a tour of the Supreme and Triple 5 Soul store on Lafayette Street back in 1996. Here’s the video. The Supreme store for the most part looks the same as it does now, but the Triple 5 Soul store certainly expanded in later years (but is now a Brooklyn Industries store). By the way, what ever happened to T5S? Their website doesn’t even sell clothes anymore.


Not exactly a book title generator as it is more of a string of pre-generated images of books that sort of sound like they could have been written by Malcolm Gladwell. But who cares, this is still funny.


In an unfortunate form of payback from an angry ex-girlfriend comes this hilarious story of Jack Weppler who saw his image plastered all over Google Images with short little blips about his personality. The ex-gf made a bunch of these and uploaded them to a picture-hosting website with his name as the filename and subsequently saw her work materialize on any search for “Jack Weppler” on Google. Wow.