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Photo by Jacqueline Di Milia

I really love these landscapes that Jacqueline Di Milia makes with film from inside her camera. They’re totally surreal and have this odd pleasant feel to them. I don’t think I can describe it any other way at the moment. You just have to see them for yourself.

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If you like the idea of an iPhone 4 with super-powers, you’ll probably love the Mophie Juice Pack Plus. It’s a more robust version of the Mophie Juice Pack Air and it more than doubles the life of your iPhone 4.

I seriously cannot wait to check one out! Grab one here for $100.


Check out this nifty little fella! It’s called a Screwpop and it fits perfectly onto any keychain so that you can have these 4 tools at your displosal:

  1. Phillips Screwdriver
  2. Flathead Screwdriver
  3. 1/4″ hex nut driver
  4. bottle opener

It’s available now in “blister package” form (basically, packed in plastic) and would make a very useful and cheap Christmas present! Seriously, this is pretty neat!

This is a certified Christmas hit in my book. I love it. :)
I like the change in time about halfway through the video.

The City Concealed: Ridgewood Reservoir from Thirteen.org on Vimeo.

Once again, PBS continues their video series on NYC history with this new segment from The City Concealed about the Ridgewood Reservoir (Google Maps location here). The Ridgewood Reservoir has a rich history in supplying water to the greater NYC area but has sort of become desolate in recent decades.

The reservoir is now one of 8 PLANYC developments seeking to be rehabilitated into a public space and there’s quite a big debate from the public and the city on how to make that change happen. If you’ve passed the Ridgewood Reservoir before but have never seen it up close inside, then check out the video above.

Check out this video of photographer Joe McNally nearly destroying his camera equipment when an out of control skateboarder rolls right into him. What a nice save! [via]