Just came across this video in my YouTube feed of a blind Boise State Cowbell player caught on camera during a game. I know she’s blind so I can’t be too mean here, but unless she’s deaf too, I don’t know why the band doesn’t have her actually playing along to any music. Is she just there to make noise?

Funny man Donald Glover is seen in this latest “Want” ad for the GAP. Sarcasm abounds in this clip, but in the end, he means well!

Remember those Adobe Creative Suite 5 splash screens from Lee Rubenstein that I posted about yesterday? Well, apparently there’s a way to make them the default splash screens and reader Chris Lyon sent in the video above of his little hack. Unfortunately, the page he linked with instructions has been taken down. Still cool nonetheless!


Photo by Karin Brussaard

A shark ate Karin Brussaard’s camera one day while she was photographing it without being inside a cage. This shark has a sense of humor!

Friends from Oliver Cameron on Vimeo.

Gadget Lab wrote a small piece today about a new upcoming app for the iPhone called Friends that aims to bring all of your various online contacts lists in one place (without necessarily syncing them together). The app isn’t out just yet, but when it is, I cannot wait to try it out. It looks awesome and it certainly does something I’d find incredibly useful. I just hope it won’t be a battery killer though.

PetaPixel posted this video of a very expensive remote camera rig being destroyed by an out of control drag race car. Oops. I hope he had insurance!