Here’s an interesting documentary about the 6-year-long battle surrounding the Atlantic Yards Project in Brooklyn. The Atlantic Yards Project is a massive land deal between the MTA, The City of New York, and Forest City Ratner that has caused lots of controversy in recent past because of the way current neighborhood residents have been treated and sometimes kicked out of their homes through the use of eminent domain.

The movie mainly follows activist Daniel Goldstein and members of the Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn as they fought for 6 long years to discourage the city and Forest City Ratner from developing the land. Unfortunately, they were not successful and construction is now going ahead at the planned site, but hey, this is the story of how long it took them to actually start because of a few courageous people.


For the cycling enthusiast you know that wears nice clothes comes these bicycle cufflinks for $59. They come in stainless steel, brass, and gold. [via]

Back in November of last year, I posted a short clip from The BBC from an upcoming film called The Trip featuring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon imitating Michael Caine.

Gordon just reminded me that the full trailer for this film is out now and the movie looks hilarious. It’s got comedy, food, comedians, and voice impersonators all in one! This movie can do no wrong!

Elephants are surprisingly buoyant despite their weight on land. I wonder how they do it.


Photo: Pete Souza

How come the President never has anything else on his desk but a phone?

And also, I knew I wasn’t crazy! They did change the drapes/curtains in the Oval Office back to the same ones they used back during Christmas. I believe normally they are gold in color (see here and here). Am I the only person that noticed this?