There’s something very stimulating about looking at the graphics over at Mason London.
Check ‘em out!

The Smart Cover is a pretty neat little doodad for the iPad 2. It’s super-strong, really useful, and good looking. But if you’ve got a first-generation iPad, you’re out of luck. That is, unless you find some strong mini-magnets like this guy did. [via]


CP posted a link to this colorful creation by Julien Vallee called Spray Can. It’s a paper sculpture made for the 2008 Illustrative Z├╝rich Festival. If only a spray paint can could spray that many colors at once…

Jeremy Eichenbaum created this endless loop of a transparent person walking a highway overpass. Mesmerizing…I can’t look away!

Thanks Rami!

Photo: Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan has released the trailer to his upcoming film called Midway in which he travels to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean to capture the destruction that man-made materials — especially plastic — are doing to natural wildlife there. It’s all to do with the phenomenon known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which I’ve posted a bit about previously.

Chris Jordan’s work has always fascinated me on a very grand scale and I’m excited to see how he goes about doing a movie rather than still images (which I’m more familiar with from his work).

If the trailer above didn’t strike you as devastating, maybe his photos will.

This is my pick for video of the day. Look at this guy move! Clearly the body shape isn’t meant for such fluid movements. I want to be this guy for Halloween!