I don’t do any climbing whatsoever, but I want one of these magnetic carabiners from Black Diamond. “Magnetron Technology” just sounds neat!

I’ve been hearing about this a lot in the past week, but because I don’t live in LA I haven’t been paying much attention to the whole so-called Carmageddon. What is it exactly? Well, according to The LA Times’ dedicated Carmageddon info page, it’s described as the following:

By midnight Friday, all lanes and ramps will be closed along a 10-mile section of the northbound 405 Freeway, between Interstate 10 and the 101 Freeway. Southbound lanes will be closed from the 101 Freeway to Getty Center Drive.

The freeway and all ramps are not scheduled to fully reopen until 6 a.m. Monday, July 18.

With California’s already miserable car commute, the closure of the 405 Freeway (one of the main roadways for travel for many Californians) is going to mean major headaches getting to and from work, leisure, and other events. With the closure looming, JetBlue has already offered $4 flights to local airports to relieve the headache and all tickets have already been sold out. And how do I know this is major news? There’s a Wikipedia section about it. But really, The LA Times’ Carmageddon page is…well, unique in its news reporting (it’s lots of ads for products and services trying to capitalize on the freeway closure).

Enjoy the gem above found over at BoingBoing.

This is fun to play around with. The GIF Shop is a $1.99 iPhone app that easily allows you to make animated GIFs on the fly. You just need to know how to take pictures and the app pretty much does the rest. You can check out a couple of examples here.