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I’m backed up. Link-wise, that is. So here’s some links I’ve been saving to post about, but have not actually done so because they don’t quite warrant a singular post for each. Enjoy! Belkin’s WeMo LED lighting starter set is pretty neat. Price: $99. There’s a cotton-candy ice cream cone at OddFellows in Williamsburg. Exploring […]

How do people just answer these questions like this?! I don’t get it. Are they just super-excited and cannot think or something?


If I ever need proof that time really does indeed pass fast when I’m having fun, I’ll try to remember this moment. Has it really been almost a month since I ventured onto a plane and landed myself in Spain? I can hardly believe it because it still seems relatively fresh in my mind — […]

Here’s a video recap of this year’s Red Hook Crit. It was my first one and I posted a few photos from it earlier.