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24×360 from Timecode Lab on Vimeo. Lots of hyphens in that title, but watch the video above and see the cool photos Timecode Lab, Patrick Rochon, and Eric Paré shot using a 360-degree camera rig and some quick light painting techniques. You can see the still images here.


Photo: NYPD NOTE: Some of these images in the following link may be disturbing. The above image shows a dead body. The New York Times’ Lens Blog takes a look at some of the disturbing photography being taken by the NYPD on their somewhat new Panoscan camera. The Panoscan takes 360-degree images of a crime […]


This is pretty cool. The Edmonton Journal posted this 360-degree video of the world’s largest dodgeball game taking place at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. You can watch the video play and scroll around in just about any direction you want all while the actual game is in progress. TECHNOLOGY!

At this year’s MTV Movie Awards, Nikon set up 48 D700 dSLR cameras in a circular rig that fire off at the same time and create a 360-degree animation of the object in the center. Here’s a video of internet celebrity iJustine taking advantage of the rig.