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Photographer Tim Navis is going on a huge personal endeavor that takes him from the West Coast to the East Coast all on foot. He is documenting his entire adventure online through beautiful photos and video updates. Follow his whole trip over at American Outlier.


“This is a car touched by genius”. That’s how the writers at Top Gear describe the 2013 Ford Focus ST as they drove it on back country roads across the United States. That’s right, no freeways, no highways, no city centers. Just scenic views (and sometimes nothingness) the whole way from West Coast to East […]

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but given the September 2010 video date and the non-existent updates on the DOWN TO RIDE website, I’m guessing the riders never made it, or just gave up because there’s no way anybody would ride fixed-gear across the country. AMIRIGHT?!

Arthur Hitchcock walked from California to Maine in 2010 and 2011 after his mom passed away shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer. This video chronicles his amazing adventure across the country and gives a quick overview of his fresh perspective on life after his life-changing experience. I’ve always wanted to drive across country but […]

Call her crazy or call her brilliant, there’s something worthy to note about Catherine Li’s 7-month journey from San Francisco to New York on foot. At 24-years-old, Catherine just felt like doing the long walk for the hell of it. She’s not looking to raise money or gain publicity for herself or a cause. She’s […]

In this ad for AdventureSauce.com, one man travels over 5,000 miles across the entire United States with only the camera in his hand and the backpack on his back, taking photos with people he meets along the way. He basically hitchhikes from California to Maine. Crazy. Great song by the way.