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I wish Apple would tell us what these apps are that are being featured in their ads. I really want to try some of these out.

I’ve never heard the term “WALL DOGS” used to describe these guys and gals before, but I guess it fits. I’ve seen Colossal Media all over NYC doing their thing. If you catch them while they’re up there, take a pause and admire their work.

So cool! Apotek installed these ads in a subway station in Sweden that made it look like a model’s hair moving and blowing in the wind whenever a train entered the station. Check out the video below to see it in action.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t exactly done as smoothly as the ad says but still, this is pretty darn clever. Must have been one really cold box to pick up.


Just like last year, YouTube is letting you vote on your favorite Super Bowl ads that played this weekend. They’ve made their page a one-stop destination to view all of the ads that you might have missed or just want to watch again.