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Here’s proof that Kickstarter isn’t the only place for random and useless crowdfunded projects. This Indiegogo project aims to give you a “highly coveted” goatse.cx email address for $50. Yep. If you have to ask what this is, then let me assure you that you DO NOT WANT TO GOOGLE SEARCH IT.

Scan Eye is a new website that reads your IP address and tries to determine if its possible to see what torrents you’ve downloaded. A good way to see if you’re vulnerable to other bigger corporations seeing what you’re doing online.

A never-before-seen look at how the State of the Union is written. If you missed it, here is the 2012 SOTU embedded below.

Like all State of the Union addresses, this one is long, so I’m posting this really as a reminder for myself to watch later. If you prefer to watch it without all of the fancy graphics, the regular version can be seen here.