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Talk about an expected high demand upon release! Wu-Tang is expected to market its next album, The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, as a multi-million dollar release that can only be bought by one person because only one copy will be made. The idea, as Wu-Tang member RZA says, is to reintroduce […]


KITTEN is releasing their first full-length debut album on June 24th! Listen to the first track, Why I Wait, here!


You probably already heard the new Coldplay single “Midnight“. Their album Ghost Stories drops May 19th!


In case you didn’t already hear, Pharrell Williams has a new album out called GIRL and it’s available for streaming on Spotify (or you can play it below).

Pharrell has a new album coming out and I can already tell that I’m going to hate typing it every single time I talk about it.