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Kitten’s debut album is finally here! You can listen to it below and order it for your own collection today!

Forbes flies to Africa to get a first peek at Wu-Tang Clan’s new, super exclusive and expensive, album.

I posted a preview of the exclusive one-off Wu-Tang album previously. Now here’s a snippet of music from it.


Damn, this is the perfect album for today. MAD DECENT’s own Dawn Golden (real name Dexter Tortoriello) has the entire debut album for free streaming on Hype Machine. Everything is pretty darn good, but if you ONLY listen to one song, make it “Swing”. So epic. If you like what you hear, pre-order the album […]

I am so excited for this. One of my favorite musical finds of last year, KITTEN, is finally releasing a full length debut album. It’s got a few familiar songs on there but the rest of the album is pretty much all new music!


Talk about an expected high demand upon release! Wu-Tang is expected to market its next album, The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, as a multi-million dollar release that can only be bought by one person because only one copy will be made. The idea, as Wu-Tang member RZA says, is to reintroduce […]