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Still doesn’t quite work with obscure/irregular names. But pretty good overall I’d say. Get Amazon Fir TV here for $99.


This is interesting. Did you know that Amazon sells their own Bluetooth speaker? The AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker is $59.99, a bit steeper than even the Oontz Angle portable Bluetooth speaker which is the highest rated one on the site.

What?! This looks like an excellent way to cheat your way out of buying stuff at your local mom and pop bookstore.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.11.38 PM

This is such a genius idea! Two Dollars A Box is a cereal-lovers dream come true. Using the creator’s Amazon Affiliates link as a basis, this website basically shows you all of the cereals you can buy in bulk on Amazon that come in at $2 or less per box.


This image of a giant Amazon box being delivered via flatbed truck was just posted to Reddit. Word is that this is an actual shipment, quite possibly 1 of 3 select customers chosen by Nissan and Amazon to receive their brand new Nissan Versa hatchback in this fashion. Incredible.