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Nice! I had no idea that the magic putty known as Sugru was being sold on Amazon. I’ve posted about this amazing stuff before and use it to fix and better my own things here and there and I highly recommend it. For $22, it makes a pretty great gift for anybody (and we know […]

This Firefly OS is pretty neat. This is what I imagine the future to be like. Where I can point my phone at anything and have it be identified (and possibly bought for myself in an instant).

Umm,┬áthis is exciting news! I can’t wait to see what this Amazon phone will be like. I already use Amazon to buy practically everything and having my phone bill be tied into that same system would be great.

If you see an Amazon product link in your Twitter timeline and want to buy it, just reply to that tweet with “#AmazonCart” and the next time you open Amazon, you’ll see it in your cart. Magic. You do have to opt-in to this service though.