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Whoa, this is a really neat project from Ishac Bertran where he takes a number of real vinyl records and splices them physically together into one whole record — thus creating what he calls an analog vinyl sample. I’m sure this isn’t good for the record needle, but hey, this is spectacularly cool art. Well worth […]

Disappearance of Darkness Book Preview from Robert Burley on Vimeo. Photographer Robert Burley’s latest book, Disappearance of Darkness: Photography at the End of the Analog Era, documents his transition as a photographer going from analog film to digital. In this book he travels to the places where film used to be born — the factories […]

The ending of this video makes it seem like Analog has died. That’s weird.

Hot damn, the new NS Bikes Analog fixie looks sweet in that bright green color. If I get another bike, I want the frame to be just like this. Prolly’s got a few more photos if you’re interested.

Digital Analogue from ftjelly on Vimeo. Using only sounds recorded from actual cameras and about 6000 photos, this person created this incredible stop-motion piece that literally brings old cameras to life once again. If anything, this is a true sign of superb editing skills.

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Click image to enlarge I really like this Nixon Decision sports watch in black. I think it’s time I move back to analog. Price: $240.