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So cool that this video from over 20 years ago so accurately predicted how people would use technology to make learning easier.

Definitely the best distortion and image perspective correction app for iOS. SKRWT. Get it now.


I’m a sucker for TwelveSouth Apple accessories. This latest one that they just announced, the ParcSlope for MacBook, is yet another item I want (but definitely don’t need). It’s a stand that elevates your MacBook to an 18-degree tilt for more comfortable typing and better air cooling of the MacBook. It’s sized for current MacBooks […]


Minimally Minimal has a fantastic set of pictures of the iconic design of the Apple iSight camera. The site unpacks the device as if it were new and shows off all of the corners, curves, and shapes of this device that still looks and feels futuristic, but is actually a relic of the past.