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That’s 26.5 miles in 24 minutes. Insane. And very dangerous, so don’t try this yourself.

Stubborn home owners are about to have the easiest route to their morning commute.

This was made specifically for the video game Dishonored, but actually, the tips here apply in real life too.

A Mashable reader submitted this great time-lapse video of a year-long trip he took around the world. Kien Lam took time-lapse videos in every city he went to and put them together in this video to inspire others to get out of their offices and travel some more. Nice! I like!

I’ve seen this before, but Joyce just reminded me of it! Always funny to watch again.


This seems like a pretty great invention so long as you don’t mind whipping out your dong in front of fellow festival go-ers. And if you don’t mind, then I hope you don’t mind the urine-soaked tree base that you’re most likely going to be standing on. But all kidding aside, this is a wonderful […]