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I was just introduced to the artwork of Chinese artist Xu Zhen at this year’s Armory Show in NYC. It’s not shown in the video, but my particular favorite series of his is the one where he paints a realistic depiction of camera flash onto the canvas itself. Quite amusing.

An interesting look at how one person takes careful time to decorate their house with art and photos inside unique picture frames.

detroit graffiti

A Photographic Look At How Graffiti Is Healing Detroit. Reading this article makes me want to visit Detroit again. I’ve got a car. I’ve got a sleeping bag. I’ve got a camera. What’s stopping me? NOTE TO SELF: I Love Detroit Michigan is a helpful resource.

How can an event put me in such awe and repulse me so much at the same time? I can’t ever decide if I really want to go to Burning Man or not. This Temple is really neat though.

Numberphile shows off some of the beautiful visualizations of Pi created by Martin Krzywinski and Cristian Ilies Vasile.

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How did I not know about this site? Chelsea Gallery Map is one of the greatest resources I’ve come across in terms of seeing art in the Chelsea gallery district in NYC. The website lists all current, upcoming, and closing-soon shows and lets you select and plan out your Chelsea gallery day-trip to make the […]