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Roy Choi goes back to his alma mater, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), and speaks with CIA student Leah Pfeiffer about the many things that contributed to his success as a chef, restaurant owner, and author.

Make Magic! Do Good! from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo. A very lovely animation by Dallas Clayton, author of Make Magic! Do Good! and other titles like An Awesome Book! [via]


I love this tribute article to the late Maurice Sendak — author and artist who passed away yesterday at the age of 83 — by Fast Co. Sendak is most famous for his children’s book Where The Wild Things Are that explained life not in candy-coated terms but as a realistic and sometimes scary place. […]


In a new book released this month, Robert Feldman writes about the reality of lying in everyday life. The book, called The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships, is the culmination of about 3 decades of research by Feldman on the issue of lying in a casual and professional environment and how […]


When I come across a link to an image on Flickr that is a direct image URL (like this, for example) I consider it a very irresponsible act of internet publishing. I liken it to hot-linking which is already considered a big no-no in respectable circles. To give credit back to the photographers, Jarred Bishop […]