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A new color for a new seasonal release! Check out this updated orange autumn camo colorway for the wonderful Poler Duffaluffagus!

Just fooling around with the camera. Nothing real crazy in this video. I really just made this for myself. EDIT: Just realized that it looks like I filmed this with a potato. Sorry! I really don’t want to fix the upload right now. Maybe later.


A full 5-stars on Amazon with over 200 reviews? Why, yes, this Portland Design Works Danger Zone tail light is worthy of such a high rating. I saw it in person today and it indeed is bright as hell. If somebody doesn’t see you with this baby on, you’re allowed to punch them in the […]

The New York Times profiled how the devastated Red Hook Lobster Pound is back in business at the Brooklyn Flea despite having their actual location lost to Hurricane Sandy. If you’ve never had a lobster roll from this place, you should get out and try one. It’s phenomenal.