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d’emploi just released their Summer 2014 collection filled with wonderful blue and white pinstripe designs for a beach day. Shown here is their Summer Pilot Duffle, the perfect carryall for your clothes, swimsuits, shoes, and other accessories to and from the shore. It’s made with waxed canvas and features some really beautiful natural leather handles. […]


This Tanner Goods Stowaway Bag is cool if you need a place to store dirty boots in your luggage, but beyond boot storage, I can imagine this thing being used for a lot of other very useful carrying and general organization. Made of Horween Rich Chromexcel leather and 10 oz. waxed canvas — two of […]


I have a long history with Timbuk2 products. My very first bag that I bought for myself back in my high school days was a Timbuk2 — a wonderful waxed canvas bag that unfortunately met its fate inside a van that caught on fire and exploded (long story). I loved that messenger bag so much […]

So amazing. Saddleback Leather shows off not only their expert leather knowledge but also their sense of humor in posting this video that shows other leather bag makers how to make a product almost as good as theirs (at least in appearance). But deep down, if you aren’t using quality leather, you’re just not getting […]


Every few months or so, I dream about traveling a lot. And when I do, one of the first things I think about is traveling with my bike. I’ve only ever flown twice with my bike and both times I ended up putting the bike back into my original shipping box that it came in. […]