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I have a long history with Timbuk2 products. My very first bag that I bought for myself back in my high school days was a Timbuk2 — a wonderful waxed canvas bag that unfortunately met its fate inside a van that caught on fire and exploded (long story). I loved that messenger bag so much […]

So amazing. Saddleback Leather shows off not only their expert leather knowledge but also their sense of humor in posting this video that shows other leather bag makers how to make a product almost as good as theirs (at least in appearance). But deep down, if you aren’t using quality leather, you’re just not getting […]


Every few months or so, I dream about traveling a lot. And when I do, one of the first things I think about is traveling with my bike. I’ve only ever flown twice with my bike and both times I ended up putting the bike back into my original shipping box that it came in. […]


Have you all seen this? Chrome updated their amazing professional messenger backpack and brings us the second iteration of it with the Warsaw II. This beast is a must-have if you’re carrying large, bulky items frequently. I have the first edition Warsaw and it’s saved me from aching back pains and clumsy handling time and […]


A little pricey at $79 in my opinion, but an ingenious way to pack your GoPro gear for the road. This is the RollPro III, a roll-up carry case for up to 3 GoPro cameras (fits all GoPro models) and a ton of accessories and mounts. Check out a video inside of how it all […]