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This is pretty amazing footage. Four people have apparently been arrested after turning themselves in for a BASE jumping stunt that occurred on September 30, 2013. The four –¬†Andrew Rossig, James Brady, Marko Markovich, and Kyle Hartwell — are being charged with some serious crimes including¬†felony burglary. This arrest comes not even a week after […]

Suburbia makes people do stupid things. I am so scared to have my children grow up here. Also, this video is filmed on a potato.

Last Walk Around Mirror Lake – Boom Bip (Boards of Canada Remix) from FroschYankee on Vimeo. FroschYankee filmed this incredible base-jumping/sky-diving video in Norway and it was later featured in the film Adrenaline Rush (The Science of Risk). I never really considered skydiving, but after watching this, it makes me want to go. Enjoy the […]

This is totally awesome and freaky! World champion freediver Guillaume Nery at Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest hole in the world, filmed all in one single breath.