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This is me. And even though I can’t solve the sucky Apple iPhone battery issue, I do travel with a Belkin mini surge protector which makes everyone my best friend at the airport.

If one were to go off of Amazon reviews alone, it would be pretty easy to see that Belkin’s pricey Thunderbolt Express Dock is a dud. A very expensive $300 dud. Out of the box, the Thunderbolt Express Dock seems to not work at all, with more than one person reporting that some ports don’t […]


The iPhone 5 extended battery market is very much alive and Belkin has just made their entry into it with this Grip Power Battery Case that packs 2000mAh of power into the case. While we here at Doobybrain use the MaxBoost for our own iPhone 5, we can’t help but lust after this Belkin battery […]


This took WAY TOO LONG. And now I almost feel like I don’t need it because I’ve gone without one for over a year now. Thunderbolt was supposed to be a Godsend, but man, it takes so long for any Thunderbolt peripherals to come out. And then when they do, they’re priced ridiculously high. Like […]


Groovy tech at $299 for those of us wishing for a single-plug Thunderbolt peripheral.

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A $30 charging and sync dock for the iPhone 5 that’s hopefully weighted. We won’t know though until it starts shipping November 15th.