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This video was uploaded in 2000. -_- Why is it this quality?

Jeff Rubin makes a non-conspiracy0theory-related video about the secrets on the $1 bill. We all needed this!


Got $20 to spend on a single $2 bill? ¬†Sure you do! Here’s a $2 bill layered with 22K gold!


Be prepared for some new funky colors and shiny foils! Check out some more photos inside!

Doobybrain.com has closed!

As you may have guessed by the lack of updates lately, Doobybrain.com has taken an indefinite hiatus and will no longer be updated.

It’s been a wonderful few years but Herman has ultimately decided to only maintain his personal site,¬†hermanyung.com.

You can close this window and continue to browse the Doobybrain.com archives or you can continue on to Herman Yung’s personal website.

Go there now!