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This is interesting. Did you know that Amazon sells their own Bluetooth speaker? The AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker is $59.99, a bit steeper than even the Oontz Angle portable Bluetooth speaker which is the highest rated one on the site.


This new Marshall Bluetooth loudspeaker looks awesome. Fashioned with the same looks as classic Marshall amps, this Bluetooth speaker allows for wireless music streaming as well as cabled connections using RCA input, optical audio input, and 3.5mm input. But for $400, is it worth it?

I personally am not sold on the idea of Bluetooth speakers (I prefer the higher audio bandwidth of AirPlay, or simply just wired speakers), but if you’re in the market for a portable Bluetooth speaker, the Blazar looks like something you should back. The coolest thing about the Blazar is that it can be paired […]

I’ve posted the Black Diamond iPhone dock from YanTouch before but I’ve never seen this video of the Acase Yantouch Black Diamond III Bluetooth Speaker. It’s a similar looking device except that this one plays music. Glowing orb…I want!

There’s been a lot of these coming out lately. The August Smart Lock is the latest one that seems to me like it’s on top to be the “smartest” of all of the smart locks so far. It’s fully functional on both the browser and via mobile app and allows for remote locking/unlocking or timed […]


I really want this. My phone is with me all the time and to have it be my key instead of my actual keys would be such a huge convenience. The Kevo lock uses your phone’s Bluetooth technology to sense proximity to your door and lets you unlock your door with the touch of your […]