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This is a beautiful prototype board game created by Caleb Heisey. It centers around music history, theory, listening comprehension, and composition — essentially, a Cranium for music lovers. Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten anybody to pick up the board game production just yet, but man, if this was on sale, I’d probably buy one.

The subculture of chess in New York City

One of the most classic board games, chess, gets a revival in NYC. I had no idea that there were so many chess clubs in the city. I’ve probably walked right by them before and didn’t even know!

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This is as official as it gets. Winning Moves is releasing a version of Monopoly that celebrates and commemorates the 100th birthday of Alan Turing, a man often called the father of modern computing. The board is said to replace the more traditional property names with Turing’s own custom board he used to play the […]

A beautifully filmed short by Jay Cheel on what happens when a group of friends get too comfortable with each other while playing Settlers of Catan. [via]