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I’ve been following Stephen Powers ever since his graffiti days, going then by the name of ESPO and painting tons of rolling gates and walls here in NYC (and most likely beyond the city as well). As far as I know, it’s been a while since he’s written as ESPO, and that’s for good reason, […]


Did you know that the amazing City As Canvas exhibit at The Museum of the City of New York is in book form as well? For those of you too far to experience the historic collection in person, you may want to pick up this book! And even for those of you who have seen […]


I’ve been reading a book a month (I know, I’m a slow reader) and last month I read Scarcity. It was a great book that delved into a lot of the reasons why programs and organizations find it so hard to help people get out of poverty. On top of that, when you’re poor, it’s […]


Scorpion Front Publishing and tattoo artist Ross Nagle have put together this amazing looking book of sword and dagger-related tattoos. It features the artwork of over 200 tattoo artists and serves to be a very comprehensive guidebook of inspiration for other artists. It’s limited to 1000 copies only and you can pre-order it now for […]

Another Shailene Woodley movie coming out soon! I can’t wait! And so weird! I had no idea that this John Green (the author) was the same John Green from Crash Course!!