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I wrote about this briefly on Instagram (for those that follow me), but it’s worth noting here as well I suppose. While I was vacationing in Barcelona, I came across this really rare hardcover copy of All City Writers: The Graffiti Diaspora. It basically was my most sought-after book on graffiti. I saw it in […]

Kid President is coming out with a book in February 2015! You can pre-order the book now using the link below! BUY HERE: Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome

This BOOK HIVE project is made by Rusty Squid and debuted last year at the Bristol Central Library to celebrate 400 years of Bristal Libraries. The installation features animatronic books that open and close in response to viewers in front of it. Neat!


This Thursday, July 10th, the Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO is hosting the book launch of Matt Litwack and Jurne’s new urban exploration book, Beneath the Streets: The Hidden Relics of New York’s Subway System. The event is free for all (however, space is limited) and it’ll be a great time and place to hear from […]


Love Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches but can’t always find their trucks in your neighborhood? Don’t worry! Now you can make them at home and have as many as you want! For less than $20, you can have all the Coolhaus recipes you want, any time of day, any number of quantities you can handle. Get […]

Perfect. Just a perfect summary of The Grapes of Wrath. Stay until the end for the outtakes.