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In Japan, it’s not uncommon for successful women to pay attractive young men huge sums of money for a few cocktails and an hour of platonic companionship. VICE in conjunction with Schweppes sends correspondent Joel Cornell to Shibuya to explore this strange world and to find out if he can cut it as a professional […]

Luckiest boy in the world! Survives for up to 3 hours underneath massive amounts of sand (all thanks to a dead tree).

RAVE ON from Jilleen Liao on Vimeo. The magical moment in this rave at Tompkins Square Park happens at the 50-second mark where you see a lone black boy trying to figure out what the hell these adults in front of him are doing.

The Saddest Boy in the World from Jamie Travis on Vimeo. This reminds me so much of Wes Anderson. Mainly because of the colorful and meticulously detailed sets. But beware, this video will make you feel sad.

LOL, oh boy. Knowing that YouTube exists must be really sucky for this kid right now.