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If you want to see a hi-res image of the brazuca ball, check inside! If you like it, you can buy the official match ball here for $160!

Wasn’t there a story this week about a woman who had her arm chewed off by a tiger? Is this family just pressing their luck?

Using discarded fruits and vegetables from the city of Fortaleza, artist Narcélio Grud painted some murals in Brazil that are not only eco-friendly but most likely easy to wash off too if needed.

Grey City is a film shot over 6 years about the battle between Sao Paulo’s street art community and the city government’s wiping of such pieces of artwork with grey paint.

Apparently it needs to be said a billion times before it gets stuck in people’s heads. So here it goes: If you drop your phone onto train tracks, IT IS NOT WORTH YOU JUMPING IN AFTER IT. Take the extra 2 minutes and walk to a station manager to get them to retrieve it for […]