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So Gawker posted this video of the “unpickable” Forever Lock being picked open with a custom made bump key. Yep.

Assuming that a thief has even the most elementary knowledge of breaking and entering, this video shows that the Kwikset Kevo smart lock can be broken and pried open in seconds. The tool seen in the video above is the “Dumb Key Force Tool” which you can purchase here.

Another video from Break.com’s Prank It FWD. The other one I posted was comedian Greg Benson’s transformation of a homeless shelter into a fancy restaurant. This one is so good.

I guess this isn’t exactly news to me since I already knew car windows were made of tempered glass and that you only need a sharp object, say, a ResQMe device, to break it. But I didn’t know you could use such little force. How are windows not shattering left and right during regular driving?