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Another video from Break.com’s Prank It FWD. The other one I posted was comedian Greg Benson’s transformation of a homeless shelter into a fancy restaurant. This one is so good.

I guess this isn’t exactly news to me since I already knew car windows were made of tempered glass and that you only need a sharp object, say, a ResQMe device, to break it. But I didn’t know you could use such little force. How are windows not shattering left and right during regular driving?

This whole video is just reminding me of Breaking Bad. Very cool how they break down the coffee though.

This is one of the weirdest videos of celebrities rebelling against paparazzi that I’ve ever seen. Here is basketball player Lamar Odom literally going into the photographer’s car, taking a suitcase filled with camera equipment, and tossing it onto the street. All while staying relatively calm. And then at the end he takes a photo […]

Truly fascinating. I’ve always wondered what all those symbols, signs, and numbers mean on those giant cheese rolls. Here’s Carlo Guffanti breaking one open and explaining how it’s done.